Merry Christmas from The CHIVE Brothers! (28 Photos)

lead xmas chive Merry Christmas from The CHIVE Brothers! (28 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivers for making our 2009 so amazing! Leo and I hope ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are. Don’t forget to photobomb the shit out of all your relatives tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!
John n’ Leo

sheCHIVE wants to wish you a Merry Christmas, too! Click here.

  • NickthedicK

    btw nice ears.

    • The King

      What a joke. “Behold the underground tunnel…” What a genius…

  • Andrew

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  • NickthedicK

    Oh, and merry christmas.

  • Rebecca

    i thought bloggers were supposed to be geeks. Chive bros are cu-ute!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Iknowright? Hottie potatties with the swimmer’s bodies! *I didn’t type that out loud*

  • Adam Vincent

    I just watched ‘a christmas story’ 7 times

  • HellHathNoFury

    Thanks to John, Leo and Emily for bringing us a world of awesome every day, even when they’re icky or busy or just don’t feel like it. I appreciate it, even if I only repay you by being obnoxious. I hope you have an awesome Christmas with the people that you really want to spend time with. MUAH

  • Jon

    Thanks for a great year. Look forward to the next one. Nothing but the best for you three next year.

  • Forrest Dump

    Thanks guys. best site on the internet.

  • Jacob

    even though you guys never use the photos I send except for once which was the best day of my entire pathetic life merry xmas

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  • LOL

    Everyone…all million hits the site gets…I hope Christmas brings you peace, joy and several cups of eggnog. 😉

    John & Leo…thank you both especially. Ya made 2009 a lot brighter. 😉

  • Mr. Quackers

    YES, they used the picture of my buddy and me with Santa. Number #20. Hilarious, good times.

  • Alexia Tsotsis

    Aw. I ❤ the first pic so much. Merry Christmas John and Leo — may 2010 bring you every thing you've hoped and wished for.

    • Arnold upper

      hello hot chick

      • Arnold lower


  • Bill Mars

    i guess my first comment on the chive should be a big merry Christmas to the Chive brothers and sister. have really enjoyed the site from the beginning and it’s so cool to see it explode and get the recognition it deserves. and why not? it’s Christmas and i’m still checking the chive

  • Anonymous

    Wow! It’s the guy from the cover of Mad Magazine!!! Nice.

  • manolo

    first time to see your faces! woohoo! merry christmas!

    • LOL

      Back in July (?) they went to Jamaica or some beautiful little islandy place…good pics of them & their friends in that gallery too.

      Then John is an actual actor in an HBO series. I don’t know what else Leo does, but it’s probably something just as weird/cool.

      Y’all didn’t know we had such famous hosts did ya? 🙂

  • French Fries

    Hi the chive !

    First of all I wish you a merry Xmas, secondly, just to tell you that my friends and I wanted to thank you for your website, everyday at 8PM we are still together to check it out, and this is always a good time for us =D

    Best wishes from France !

  • demieg

    Great Pics once again ! The Chive always makes my day, also on Christmas !

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