Granny? Um, what are you doing? (4 Photos)

granny lead Granny? Um, what are you doing? (4 Photos)

  • Douglas

    Shes like pfff.. falling? Thats for young kids

  • VanessaB

    That’s not funny! It’s actually depressing…

    • Anonymous

      How is that depressing? She’s washing her windows….

  • Steve

    Yes, I always find it depressing when people, even the elderly, take pride in their belongings and put in the effort to make them better.. They should sit on their can like everyone else and let everything fall apart I guess..

    • HellHathNoFunny

      Captain Obvious would like to point out that Vanessa was saying it is depressing because the elderly woman has no one to do it for her, therefore placing herself in danger by doing the more difficult tasks. How about, instead of taking pictures, go offer to help her?

  • misainzig


    • God

      Troll is fail.

  • Ken

    Cleanliness is close to deadliness is close to Godliness. Makes sense to me!

  • Jacobs

    What is a family tradition youll pass on to your significant other/kids?

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