• P-90

    If this happened in England he would be arrested for assault.

    • Duck

      well, fuck england.

      teach those thieves a lesson.

      • P-90

        That’s a bit fucking harsh, England is awesome but most of it’s police officers are cunts.

    • Merica

      Thats why all English is Gay.

  • Warner

    I can’t believe what i just saw

  • France sux

    He just walked at them like he was the fucking terminator…then he ran. but the terminator part was cool

  • root

    Must be taking place in a black hole. All I get is a black video.

  • HellHathNoFunny

    That guy is my new hero.

  • Lando

    total flash anger win

  • Matt

    wow win!!

  • P-90

    I’m really a kraut

    • HellHathNoFunny

      At least you’re not sauer.

    • P-90

      How dare thee, taking my name in vein, THE TRUE P-90 (ME) IS NOT A KROUT.

  • duekcity

    I read about this the other day, they stole a ladies purse, not a scooter. way to go chive, great research.

    • schango

      Chive did not claim the men stole the scooter, They described the thieves as “scooter thieves” because they were thieves riding on a scooter. Way to jump ahead of yourself.

    • Duder

      Um… Scooter thieves as in they steal purses while on their scooter so they can’t be chased down easily. It’s extremely common in big cities, especially Asian cities where they have a lot of scooters. Way to RESEARCH you reactionary toolbag.

  • REversedfat3

    Its kinda hard to understand what is said from 0:23 to 0:34 but everything else is comprehensable

  • mr whiskers.

    Ya i too like the part where he throws the bike than walks like he is the terminator toward them. I was like omg this guy is the worlds biggest badass. taht is until he ran away. This should be a meme.

    • D4NNYP

      I think he wanted his bike back and then thought better of it….

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