Monday ownage (25 photos)

a owned funny tt 19 Monday ownage (25 photos)

  • sticks

    Is that Johnny Knoxville in the black and white picture with the bull? Looks like one of his Jackass stunts. I think I saw that episode.

    • P-90

      I think it was the Jackass movie.

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  • vitorla

    Those fraternity numbers might have been accurate 20 years ago but they are far too low, now.

  • B.E.R.

    Oh man, all those poor TVs wasted

  • Phil

    ass blown off: wow! that made me lol

  • Anonymous

    frat picture.. wassup with dude in black sweater holding his junk…

    • ladyguitarstar

      Looks like its another paddle hes got between his legs. just holding it by its handle in a highly suggestive manner.

  • HellHathNoFunny

    Anon is right. What. The. Pho noodles. That guy is totally whackin it while the guy with the paddle is totally whackin it. I would not pay to join a frat where a bunch of guys say, ‘Let’s get drunk, look at the new guy’s butt and take turns whacking it!

  • BillyBlaze

    Just so I know to never go to whatever country that snake is in what kind was that. I thought constrictors didn’t have teeth?

    • Megarath

      They don’t have venom, but all snakes have teeth.

    • Ken

      That is an African Rock Python and I believe all snakes have teeth.

      Sorry, but that Frat hazing ritual looks like some stupid homosexual S & M ritual. I bet that stung.

  • oh

    racist ants.

  • Keith

    Nice collection. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not using ‘pwned’
    I’m so sick of that.

  • Ken

    There was a story a few years ago of a young hippo befriending an 130 year old Aldabra tortoise in a Kenyan wildlife park in 2006. I bet this might be that pair.

  • Equalizer

    #1 – is he still alive?

  • Snake Expert

    Not all snakes have teeth. One that doesn't is the Yellow Striped African Viper.

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