Hot Right Now: Boner stories that will make you forget about your own hard times (10 Photos)

Leap and the net will appear (16 photos)

falling down people 15 Leap and the net will appear (16 photos)

  • LOL

    Life’s short…JUMP! 😉 If the land doesn’t show up at least you got off the ground for a little bit! 😉

  • Lionhearte

    #13 didn’t even bother making a good photoshop attempt..

  • miss0chris0

    Some of these landings look like they’re going to really hurt

  • top dog

    Talk about some oh shit moments. All of em are BONED!!

  • HellHathNoFunny

    Most are the same guy. I saw him on the news, and he is super-awesome. timed cameras and lots of oops-that-didn’t-hurt-enough-let’s-do-it-again.

  • haha

    The shower wipe-out looks painful. Too bad he’s got that curtain draped in just the right spot! Dammit!

  • cat21

    The last picture is from de movie Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson..

  • Benjiman

    what happened to the guy’s arm in the 10th picture?

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  • Ken

    Right out of a bad dream. I hope they wake up before they land.

  • MightyTight

    #14 looks a little too real. Kinda freaky.

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