Leap and the net will appear (16 photos)

falling down people 15 Leap and the net will appear (16 photos)

  • LOL

    Life’s short…JUMP! 😉 If the land doesn’t show up at least you got off the ground for a little bit! 😉

  • Lionhearte

    #13 didn’t even bother making a good photoshop attempt..

  • miss0chris0

    Some of these landings look like they’re going to really hurt

  • top dog

    Talk about some oh shit moments. All of em are BONED!!

  • HellHathNoFunny

    Most are the same guy. I saw him on the news, and he is super-awesome. timed cameras and lots of oops-that-didn’t-hurt-enough-let’s-do-it-again.

  • haha

    The shower wipe-out looks painful. Too bad he’s got that curtain draped in just the right spot! Dammit!

  • cat21

    The last picture is from de movie Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson..

  • Benjiman

    what happened to the guy’s arm in the 10th picture?

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  • Ken

    Right out of a bad dream. I hope they wake up before they land.

  • MightyTight

    #14 looks a little too real. Kinda freaky.

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