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plane huge lead Not a plane, a flying castle (15 Photos)

These are pictures of the US Air Force C-17A Globemaster III in flight over Iraq. If you’re from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, or a government VIP, this is how you roll.

Photos via izismile [dot] com

  • OP

    how the shit does that thing fly?

    • sticks

      Huge wingspan and lots of engine power.

  • jason

    Whats with the airstream trailer? Seriously?

  • natekarr

    you should see how us regular soldiers fly… 4-5 times as many ppl plus gear on the same plane…

  • ryan

    Robert Gates is the man.

  • ross

    the last 4 photos arent from a C-17 and neither is the one of the airmen taking the oath. The last photo isnt even a C-17 it looks like a 747. Nonetheless its a badass airplane

  • HellHathNoFunny

    There used to be a warplane called the Flying Fortress, just as big.

    • John

      ” HellHathNoFunny says:
      December 29, 2009 at 7:51 pm
      There used to be a warplane called the Flying Fortress, just as big. ”

      You have no real idea of the size of either planes. While the B-17 for it’s time 1935-1947 was a large plane it is tiny by todays standards. Take the wings half of the wing span of the C-17 is the same as the B-17 . The C-17 engines are bigger in dia. Then the body of the B-17 and the two of them weigh more then the B-17 could carry. The C-17 is roughly twice as long and can carry the b-17 inside with wings removed and still not come near its maximum load weight. One engine from the C-17 at cruise speed 350 knots or 425 odd MPH puts out the power of 5 B-17’s running ar full speed 135 MPH . In fact the two seat F-15E Strike Eagle fighter/bomber is the same size as the then 8 man crewed B-17 and can carry the bomb load of 6 of those antique B-17’s

      • HellHathNoFury

        Thank you for enlightening me. Having a father and grandfather working for Boeing, and myself and brothers working at McChord AFB, Whidbey Island AFB, Bangor Nuc Base, and PSNS, I would know absolutely nothing about the size of planes we build. Because i’m a stupid girl.

        • SirDerpalot

          I'm confused. is john right or you?

          • Tice

            John Is:

            B-17 is 74ft long, 103ft wingspan, 19ft tall with a max take off weight of 65.5k lbs

            C-17 is 174ft long, 170ft wingpan, 55ft tall with a max take off weight of 585k lbs.

            So as bad a$$ as the flying fortress was, its significanly smaller. Which should be assumes since its also 80 years older.

  • vitorla

    Second from the bottom: is that Roy Williams?

  • n0i2

    Well done Americans, worship this shit! You’ve done a great work fighting “terror” in Iraq now everything (including oil) belongs to you (in a mysterious way). Nice job!

    • Ken

      n0i2: Anti-American bigotry…How SWEET! I think hatred always comes off best when accompanied by ignorance. We all know the USA is over there killing Iraqis by the thousand!

      And we all know that Bush stole Saddam Hussein’s Nobel Peace Prize so that Obama could get it. I hear that nations around the world are going to have an annual day of mourning for the loss of Hussein. He was THAT beloved.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I also think it’s hilarious that he’s using the internet that Americans invented, the freedom of speech that Americans protect, and the anonymity of the internet to make his brave rant. barvo for the epic fail.

        • yomomma

          Normally i wouldn’t get involved with country bashing, but seriously? America didn’t invent the internet. A man call Tim Berners-Lee did and he was born in London.

          • Anonymous

            on a computer invented in manchester england

        • mcgrawaddict

          HellHathNoFury: Im very impressed by you .a grand daughter and a daughter of a man working for Boeing, and myself and brothers working at McChord AFB, Whidbey Island AFB, Bangor Nuc Base, and PSNS. Only you could have thought that an American Invented the Internet..

          God Bless America

  • Sweet Jimmy

    n0i2, why don’t you go back to masturbating and eating Cheetos instead of jibbering like an idiot about Iraq like you know something about it. At least you have a little to show for the first one, even if it is just an inch long orange peener. Erect.

  • DV

    Great photos, but another misleading description by The Chive. And who took these photos? Please check your work, and try to credit those who’s photos you took.

  • mcgrawaddict

    working for Boeing, and myself and brothers working at McChord AFB, Whidbey Island AFB, Bangor Nuc Base, and PSNS

  • Anonymous Smartass

    When the President travels overseas they will fit his motorcade, and sometimes Marine-1 (President's Helicopter) inside the Globe Master.

    HellHathNoFury, for someone with a background in aeronautics, and defense how on earth did you think the Flying Fortress was the size of a Globe Master? It was a bomber with no large cargo capacity.

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