Star Wars, the original version of events (4 Photos)

star wars meme 0 Star Wars, the original version of events (4 Photos)

  • Ron Burgundy

    very funny

  • Jonathan Passow

    Taken directly from the pages of The Chive Steals again. But wait! They broke it up into individual pics instead of one long pic! Still ganking an image….

    • hi

      Hey dumbass read the About section. You know, the part where they say they use photos found on the internet. Yeah, that’s kinda the point.

      • Jonathan Passow

        Double dumbass on you, it’s still stealing other people’s copywritten work.

        • Anonymous

          “Copywritten”? Please tell me you’re not that fucking stupid….

        • hi

          Yep, I was afraid you were going to double dumbass on me. Silly me.

    • Warrent

      ‘taken directly from’

      god this guy is clown shoes. this meme is everywhere and this jackass thinks the chive must have stolen it from him. I’m guessing the chive brothers really give a shit about this troll…

      • Jonathan Passow

        Hey asshat, I didn’t say they stole it from me. It originated from like I said.

        • Bad_Obsession

          And like people have said…as well as TheChive brother’s themselves (and I quote from the bottom of this page, “TheChive uses photos that were found floating around the internet and are covered under Fair Use and are believed to be public domain “…which means, you’re an idiot, basically.
          Just chill out. TheChive, among other things, is here to make you laugh, think, pass time and I guess for some really hard-up people, masturbate. Noone here (Nor TheChive brother themselves) gives a flyin shit-stick if you are offended because these picture came from some other stupid site. Sit back, relax, smoke some herb if needed, and enjoy….

          • Truffle Shuffle

            If there was any kind of copyright violation, wouldn’t it be for using the images from Star Wars? Jonathan Passow is clearly a fanboy of

      • Jerry Jewbag

        I think it probably came from 4chan “dumbass”

        I’m pretty sure most memes(if not all) originate from 4chan

  • Matt

    haha very funny

  • iporn

    ‘copywritten’ lol. this kid thinks he just copywrote star wars. this made my day

    • Jonathan Passow

      No, I didn’t. This falls under “Fair use” because it’s a parody.

  • Johnny is an idiot

    So lets see, Johnny says it was copyrighted and stolen from They posted it back on Oct 9th. had it posted on Sept. 20th. Who’s stealing from who here?

    And to think, actually copyrighted someone else’s work according to Johnny P? The horror of it all! What will you ever do now Johnny?

    If you don’t like the Chive then leave. Just relax, view the pics, and have a laugh. Don’t take it all too seriously John.

    • Jonathan Passow

      I apologize. Then comixed stole it from Moronail. But it still would be nice to see some credit given from where they got it from instead of just cutting off the logo at the botom of the pics.

      I love the chive, I’m just pissed when I see stuff like this.

      • Bad_Obsession

        Man…who cares!? Just enjoy the damn thing! Sheez!

        Damn internet rent a cop

        • BillyBlaze

          Free tampons and No More Tears shampoo for everyone!

  • hi

    On the bright side Jonathan, you’ve made a lot of friends here today.

  • Chris

    Reading these comments was just as funny as the pics themselves xD Thanks guys ;P

  • Wills1215

    I say I take Johnathan’s hand and make it MY GIRLFRIEND….. However I cannot do that as she is only faithful to him…

  • Mr. Irony

    These postings are actually funnier then the Star Wars picture. Thanks for making my day guys.

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Star Wars+masturbating=LOLs. Why the hell is someone turning this into a whiny bitch session? God, I thought I was a female.

  • BadKitty69

    This is almost as entertaining as watching a funny comedy at the local theater.

    Can someone be a pal and pass the popcorn?

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  • Suresh

    Love all the hating yall just mad bascuee you can’t go ..And if I was them I would party till my wheelchair broke down LOL Rock on Chive .

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