• bill

    I was wondering to myself “Self, how did she get that picture of just her head with the camera at that angle?”

    • coachtom

      Where the other 18pics??? Shes CUTE. A little big, but with some BBQ sauce and a slice of onion that would be some good eatin’….

      • Cocainia whorawin

        ya and with sex and booze !!!! boooze are't foods bitach

  • crait

    Heh, I saw this one before but I figured there’d be more like it… 😦

  • percy

    you bastards. a candy cane nightmare

  • Frearthandox


  • Alan

    I’d fuck her

  • Nick

    Now i kinda wish there were 20 photos after seeing the second one

  • Anonymous

    I figured there was something up when I saw the big ol’ bratwurst fingers holding the camera…

    • jay tubbs the dick

      wut the fuck you mean? stupid fuck fuackin cunt. your sum fat chunk tubber and alll fucking dont no shit about what the fuck. you stupid fucky, the girls kina hot, wut the fuck are "big ol' bratwurst fingers"? you fucked that much in the head? stupid bitch hinding b ehin a computer say all up stupid shit a bout bratwurst. fuck you fuken gay!!

  • bob

    still would though

    • isawoj

      Ugh, no thanks. There is just too much flesh between her anus and fresh air for that whole region not to stink to high hell.

  • Anonymous

    What a fatty !!

    • ian sexyshortlesser

      ya you are kinda fat and probably gay, stupid insulten bitchy cockless cunthole. go jerk it to an ugly chick with a stick mans body. cunt you,fucktered!!!? no!!

  • anonymous100

    Whats wrong with her…. a little plump (and terrible taste in nightware) but she looks beautiful! I wish there was more pics around (Yummy!)

  • Dave

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.

    • Dave

      EDIT: And I think her long-johns are AWESOME!

  • sticks

    She’s Pear-Chan from 4-chan. She has a really beautiful face but the body shape of a pear. You’ll find other photos of her through google.

  • Fats-T

    been there seen it, lets get something new guys!

  • Matt


  • kirby

    what is it with ppl and getting fat these days? i mean you got to do ALOT of eating and F- ALL exercise to get fat, it’s like its intentional!

    • Kirby fucked me gay

      kirby…. really? bitchingabout fat poeple for being fat? you're the first person to do this!!! its so good that you honestlly believe that they would give a fuck about your opinion.

  • HellHathNoFury

    That’s a serious case of Myspace Face. Liv Tyler face!

  • who knows

    *barf* wth gross!

  • big dog

    Hey!! Fat…er.. heavy women need loving too, it’s a little harder for them to get it but they still need it, don’t they?

    • HellHathNoFury

      The only reason it’s hard for them to get it is because it takes some effort. Okay, that was mean. But true.

  • shockresistant

    Not necessarily HHNF… some fat women can be notorious slags, doing anyone and everyone in a desperate bid to feel loved and wanted. that said there’s a large majority of men that would do em as well. personally i’d go for a shapely rubenesque woman with a bit o meat on her then a size 0 anorexic stick figure any day. Anyhows, perhaps i’m wrong but i’m sure theres more to people then just how they look…

    • HellHathNoFury

      Quite true. I used to think I was in shape, being thin, until I started working in the shipyard. Being 109 at 5’1″ was thin, but I’ve put on almost 20 lbs and look and feel much better. I know women who are skinny that can’t lift 50 lbs or run a mile to save their own life, and I know girls that look rather plump who could kick me across town any day. The number on the scale doesn’t matter if you’re in shape. In fact, my doc told me I was overweight, and I asked her to please find anything ‘grabbable’ on me.

      • omg.......

        for hopefully the last time… wE DoNT giVE a SHit!!!…..

        • God

          Fix your shift key.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Aw, but you do! thanks for the response, honey! I’ll be sure to post more about my oh-so-perfect and loverly self to give you something to read and respond to. Moron.

          • jake

            i only read the 1st and last sentence of ur short story but seriously this is the chive not ur own personal blog we really dont need to hear it……….

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  • Random

    IT’S A TRAP!!!

  • ozzie

    HHNF i’d do you. straight up too. this chick…i’d think about it. she’s a little plump,but no need to be a stick figure.that’s even less attractive.I’d put it in her butt

  • Dingo

    my eyes are bleeding!

  • The Truth

    She’s a MAN!!!

    • mr. Dot

      with a vagina and boobs? and lacking a male body, penis, facial hair? and looking tottaly hot and soo sooo sexy???? wow i think youre wrong. but being that you're likly thinking your gay and upon coming oyourself and died, well, said jokery? cornvag you!!!!! mista faggaa dumasssa!!!

  • SEC

    I’d fuck her throat.

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