• Rick

    id tear that apart mmm mmm mmmmm

  • at work

    that can’t be real. how can somebody’s body end up looking like that?

  • dt520

    you think boobs would appear at some point, but no it keeps going into the belly. yikes.

  • sensijoe

    actually, recent studies prove that overweight women (per BMI calculations) have sex more often and with more men than women with a lower, albeit normal, BMI. personally, for me, its in the face, either you got it or you dont. fat, skinny or chubby the rest is all just xtra for lovin hahah

  • Pants

    Still hot 🙂

  • bulgakova8

    being fat one thing, but jelly body ….no thanks

  • Rodagui

    Well… Firts photo was already gross, but second one is gonna chase me in my dreams… Thanks John…

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