Daily morning randomness (25 photots)

a random funny p4 9 Daily morning randomness (25 photots)

  • shockresistant

    that last picture is just obscene, kiddies beware!

  • P-90

    What’s the difference?
    Well one sucks and the other sucks and blows.

  • HellHathNoFury

    5 G’s for a 90 300 ZX? That had better be twin turbo and hardtop, none of that NA t-top crap. It had better include the dead body, too.
    Haha, poor Ferrari owners.

    • natekarr

      so i looked this car up on autotrader…

      no mention of a turbo. it does have a t-top. no explanation of the stains tho… which was what i was looking for. and it has 112.5K miles on it. which ain’t bad for a 20 yr old car.

      • Nateb123

        Not a bad deal until you find a head where the spare tire should be…

        • mook

          I had the sex with your mother in it.

  • somethings

    About 5 of these pictures have been in relatively recent prior posts.

    • sock puppet

      Thank God you got here in time to bring that startling revelation to light.

  • Megarath

    That sleeping bag is disturbing.

    Strange how it’s the random things that get me. The usual gross stuff does nothin, but that sleeping bag with legs is gonna give me nightmares.

    • HellHathNoFury

      WHAT?! That’s blasphemy! If I bought hat sleeping bag, I would never have to change clothes! Well, not like I do anyway, but still.

  • cheese

    I totally agree about the russians.

  • Cheddar

    I laughed pretty hard at the American Psycho billboard.

  • MissChris

    That last picture weirded me out. And that guy reminds me of someone… not sure who. Creepy

    • mook

      One day photoshop will be your friend also…

  • RussianShark

    Then you are a faggot like that homo with the sign.

  • kp

    the sleeping bag pic is just another type of “snuggie”!

  • Tom

    The 300zx is a non turbo. It starts to say 2+2 before it is cut off by the pop over window. All 2+2’s were normally aspirated. The TT’s and base models were 2 seaters.

  • Belaruss

    Why the hate #6? Oh, wait, he said Russians…. never mind…

  • fred

    HaHa! Very late post but #2 mahjong fail

  • Ashley

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