Soldiers, I think. (17 photos)

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  • ahhaha


    • bobby

      Your mum must be so proud. You’re first to click reply. OMG, you’re just the coolest. Can we hang out? I know i’m only a lowly ‘second poster’, but you’re like an idol of mine. Oh please say we can be friends and you can teach me to be as awesome as you.


      • HellHathNoFury

        Failio on the ‘first to hit reply’. That, my dearest n00bc@k3, would be you. Although I’m second.

        • Philippe Philoppe

          You’re all n00bs at life

  • HellHathNoFury

    Shouldn’t the soldiers with the rakes have Sideshow Bob hair?

  • LOL

    Any American soldiers who look at this thread in the future…this is for you…

    For the sacrifices you and your families make, every day, just so you can do your job and protect my freedom, I thank you ALL from the depths of my soul. It truly means the world to me. I know 1st hand what it takes out of a family and I thank all of you for putting your asses on the line.

    For the fun stuff: Gun toting martial arts trained chicks who can make you hurt in ways you never imagined absolutely ROCK! 😉 And ya gotta love puppies. 🙂

    Chive on! 😛

    • BillyBlaze

      Non Sibi Sed Patriae but thank you

    • trogdor

      “For the sacrifices you make, every day, just so you can protect my freedom”

      u make me laugh at u and cry for u at the same time


    Any American soldiers who look at this thread in the future…this is for you…
    You guys suck ass, way to lose wars in vietnam and iraq! go back home and enjoy your big macs and pokemon cards.

    • HellHathNoFury

      …coming from someone with no muscle tone, who would piss his pants if any serviceman dragged him into an alley, who is enjoying internet americans invented, tax money americans worked for, and freedom of speech americans protect. Ah, must be the gospel.

    • US SF

      It takes a lot to talk BS on a US Soldier from behind your computer, it take more to be willing to put your life on the line for others. After two combat tours for the United States I believe I can speak for all Veterans when I say you can go screw yourself…If you want it, bring it.

      • LOL

        I have no response for the hahaha fucktard. I just won’t argue with stupid because it doesn’t care.

        US SF…thank you. What I said up there about putting your ass on the line…that was for you and the millions of men & women like you. May you all come home safe & sound when your missions allow. I appreciate you & the crap you have to do…including putting up with fucktards. 😉

        • Nateb123

          How about we neither over-glorify the servicemen and women given their varying motivations while not presuming to know what it’s like to be in the service ourselves? Frankly, I think some of the people out there are doing a shit job, some are taking up the slack and most are mediocre in their work. This assumption that soldiers are all upstanding only pisses me off slightly less than the assumption that those who haven’t done a tour have a clue what it’s like. I still respect what they do just like I respect police and those in other life-threatening positions for the sake of service. But everyone has met a fucked up cop and soldiers are no different regardless of what they do for a paycheck.

          • LOL

            Nateb123, slackers, assholes & retards or not, they are still putting their lives on the line…for me…and my kids. I appreciate that more than I can say. My life damn sure beats what most of the world has…and I have that life because people are out there keeping this country strong. 😉 I know first hand what it does to a family and it pretty much sucks. Thanking them is the LEAST I can do. 😉

            Anyone wants to argue with me over that, fuck off. You and your attitude can kiss my rosy red ass. I’m just here to thank those that are doing good for me & mine. I won’t insult you…you don’t insult me. Life works better that way.

            HHNF…feel free to look me up with that Craigs list trick too. 😉 Isn’t welding ENTIRELY too much fun?!? 🙂 I had a hot bead of steel spall off and land in the cuff of my overalls…YOUCH! lol…it only hurts for the first oh…30 seconds…lol!

            • HellHathNoFury

              yes, so much fun. I only have nasty man hands and facial scars from getting crap under the bottom of my hood while overhead welding. So attractive.


    So how exactly are american soldiers supporting my freedom of speech? and how am i using your tax money? And yes – americans played a big role in inventing the internet, but you guys can’t take full credit for it. You have previously claimed to have invented many things that you didn’t , like the telephone. And even if it was invented by americans (which its not) so what? The nazis invented the high ways… something you guys use everyday.. so are you supporting nazis? Everybody knows that american soldiers are pussies that suck ass. Thats why they lost to bunch of asians with knifes in vietnam.

    • HAHAHA

      Really GUY! soldiers are pussies? get out from behind your computer screen and follow me around for a day to two…first one to fall out buys the beer!

  • Nigraplease

    Way to go HAHAHAHA! I like your style! Americans are fucking retards and their soldiers are even bigger piles of shit, those dipshits who posted after you proved your point. Maybe they should go and eat some more cake and enjoy the freedom of obesity that 2/3 of their country is enjoying.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Oh, honey. How many 24 yr old female Boilermaker’s Union Instructors have you met? None? Well, nice to meet you. I write blueprints, torchcut, weld, build submarines, aircraft carriers and destroyers for our military, and teach people who would otherwise be continuing thier drugs, theft and welfare lifestyle basic shipbuilding and pipefitting skills. I’m sorry, what is it that you do? Thank you for being absolutely less of a man than the girl talking to you.

  • To HAHAHA and Nigraplease

    go to war with us and we will see who is laughing then

  • LOL

    Fighting on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

    (I have a kid who rides the short bus…I can make those jokes…don’t give me any crap. :p)

  • natekarr

    I love when ppl bash us soldiers from behind a computer screen. I’m leaving iraq in just a few days. i’ve been here 10 months of a 12 month tour. blown up twice, shot at on numerous times. i would love to see some of these bashers carry an 8 lb rifle around for a year. taking care of it with the same care as an infant, put on a 60 lb IOTC (thats a flak jacket for u non military) with a full combat load 210-240 rounds, ride around in sweltering 120 degree heat with a 5 lb kevlar helmet on in a humvee with no air conditioning then have your life and skills challenged by 4 or 5 155 artillery rounds rigged to blow up you, your driver and your truck commander, whom both have become your family during your tour.

    For those of you who won’t stand behind and support me, please by all means… stand infront of me and let me ruin your day. For every soldier lost, theres a husband or wife left without a loved, a son or daughter who won’t enjoy another family dinner and a child who will grow up without both parents…

    I’m proud to be in that less than 1% of america who will put their neck out on the line for someone else. No i don’t exactly agree with the reasons on this war, but loyalty is one of our army values.

  • LOL

    Nate…thank you. If you will allow me, I would like to send a care package to you. I realize your time is short…but I’d still like to send something. Please go to CraigsList, Colorado, Western Slope, Personals, Strictly Platonic, and look for an ad titled “Nate from thechive.” You can e-mail me there & I’ll send you something. 😉 Probably elk jerky. 🙂

    I hope you will come home safe & sound, as soon as your mission will allow. 😉 Thank you.

  • Nigraplease

    ” For every soldier lost, theres a husband or wife left without a loved, a son or daughter who won’t enjoy another family dinner and a child who will grow up without both parents…” And thats just what they deserve. Attacking innocent people like the ones in My Lai or bullshitting people like they did in the 1990 testimony of nayirah. And to that idiot who said “go to war with us and we will see who is laughing then” You are an idiot. This is the typical american attitude and this is why everybody hates you around the world. This is why people are burning your flags. This is why your economy is shit.


    Nate … haven’t seen shit because the whole VBC would have heard..but you didn’t you haven’t even shot your weapon your a douche…your the guy thats gonna expect people to buy you a beer for fake stories you impress with others that don’t know..

    first off IOTV is body armor.. you retarded fuck a flak jacket is something very old that you don’t use any more because it isn’t armor..

    second of all.. you have 210-240 rounds because you have never shot a single round im sure you have never taken your rounds out of your mag and stretched out the springs…i bet your tender M4 is only cleaned because your ass got yelled at so much for it being dirty and you finally realized that you might actually have to use it..but wait i doubt you have your CCO zeroed anyways KARRR..

    third where are these 155 rounds you speak of that are daisey chained together? hell there have been more action on this base then out side in the red zone.. your a pppppoooooggggggggg

    stop pretending your some high speed soldier…

    for you other….some soldiers actually have a hard life..but not yes some soldiers are in it for the money and aren’t all hero’s..but your not here…so give someone the common respect to just keep your thoughts to your self…

  • Joey

    You know what would be cool, if people would stop fooling themselves into thinking they’re better than everyone else. You’ll never find peace in the barrel of a gun. You can go back to your dick measuring now…hooah

  • nigraplease

    wow… that KARRadouche is a dipshit. I hope he gets killed.

  • FrAnKy4FiNgErS

    nigraplease you just need to shut the fuck up….. we have been deployed with natekarr for 9 months now and so far we have watched him clean his room out completely at least twice because he sucks at life…… personally i think that KARRaDOUCHE is correct. he has no right to say that he has been blown up, or even shot at, shit the only thing he has seen on this deployment so far is his fucking the back of his god damn eye lids…. so if he wants to fucking sit there and say he has been in the shit i will personally give him some shit to see.
    your mom

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