Freaking huge baby (6 Photos)

big baby lead Freaking huge baby (6 Photos)

  • db

    put that toad down!

  • victoria

    …….the baby drinks too much milk…………

  • Robert

    This little guy looks a lot like a former KU football coach. I hope his health is good and his future as bright as his little eyes are now!

  • steve

    Its just baby fat it will go away.


    i just wanna poke his face and see if he will explode 🙂 hehehe

  • Fat Turd

    this fat turds face is so small compared to his head hahaha

  • ladylady

    What a cute baby

  • Mary

    You know anyone finding it necesary to make smart and ignorant comments about this baby should be ashamed of themselves! What does that say about the ones who think their comments are funny but there not they are just ignorant! Someones child is not for our humor and as usual AOL thought it was a good story! No it was not!

  • kcity

    he looks hungry

  • Marion

    You people that are saying all those mean things about this beautiful creation from God are just down right stupid and should be ashamed of yourself. How do you know that this baby is not sick or have some medical problem the reason he is chubby. I think he is beautiful and he will probably grow up to be a gorgeous man. Stop saying dumb things, please!

  • Shiri

    This baby is fine. I looked just like him at that age. I was a chubby toddler, but became a skinny child at age 5. I am still slim today.

    Some children do not metabolize fat from their diet well. It’s a physiological thing, so stop blaming the parents.

    Babies throw up if fed too much, because their stomachs can not handle too much food. I suggest to chill and let this family enjoy their baby.

  • phunyuns

    u havent heard of this baby before?? he was on the news when he was born. He has a medical condition and is not being abonormally fed. He was born at about 18lbs. His parents are and have been feeding him the normal amt of food…he is just huge and was born huge…so please stop criticising the parents cus next thing u know youll be parents to a ginormous baby and will have everybody judging you!

    but the balls comment was right on lol…the fabric and baby placement is great lol

  • DutchieLover

    no happy meals for that little fool…

  • Paul

    That kid is uglier than a cart of smashed assholes.

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