More people doin it wrong (25 photos)

a yer doing it wrong 33 8 More people doin it wrong (25 photos)

  • vitorla

    glory hole fail.

  • Anonymous

    kids in picture 5 are gonna need therapy when they grow up

  • assnigawhatniga

    The people on the first one are using roller skis. Good conditioning method for skiers during the summer.

  • i see that

    the chive, too, misunderstands doin it wrong.

  • mm

    Nothing better than a slice of dildo cake!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I want to slap the nasty tatse right out of that mom’s mouth. Way to set an example for the kids.

    • modianos

      fo realz! its not like mexican women give head anyway. how ya gonna get 10 kids by the age of 30 if you keep swallowing?

      • HellHathNoFury


    • Ken

      She’s just teachin’ her kids a valuable skill! Maybe the kid asked her mom how to do that and she brought her daughter down to the local erotic bakery and gave the girl a lesson? LOL!

      Actually I can’t imagine why those cakes are there, why those kids are there and why that woman is sucking off one of the cakes. I wonder if the bakery has a “You suck it, you buy it” sign in there somewhere.

      I know where that bus is stuck, it is coming down from Telegraph Hill and the Coit Tower in San Francisco. I’ve walked up that street.

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  • kp

    that lady “goin down” is just so very WRONG!

  • CD

    I don’t think that you realize that the last one is an intentional joke from when 7-11s around the country were decked out like the Kwik-E-Mart. I mean damn, it SAYS ‘Kwik-E-Mart’ on it. It’s called a joke.

    Dear Chive, UR DOIN IN WRONGS!

  • Regina

    WOW……epic failure among all of those pictures!!!!

  • uncle dolan

    Nothing wrong with #3 either. If youre coming from the right then all the letters are in the correct order.

    • Trent

      But what if you're a liberal?

  • Gilgamesh1979

    Just saw this one, had to laugh at the magic Negro cleansing pad. The Arabic reads "Slave Loofah"! Who says only white Americans are racist.

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