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New mail order bride gimmick – dress ’em in costumes (30 Photos)

mail order costume New mail order bride gimmick   dress em in costumes (30 Photos)

So I browse a few mail order bride sites from time to time, call it fantasy shopping. But one of the sites has decided to make the girls (all from the Ukraine) get photos in full, ridiculous costume. Categories include ‘ladies on wheels’, ‘office hotties’, ‘ladies with pets’ and my personal favorite, ‘ladies with weapons’. All the insane categories here.

  • Jem

    The dominatrix with the dog is my personal favorite.

  • Jonathan Passow

    I’ve always liked to imagine that when you order a mail order bride, they arrive in a big carboard box with airholes in it.

  • getbig

    i just ordered the chick in the 15th pic with gypsy outfit, cant wait for FedEx to get here!

  • YesYes

    The gal with the shotgun gets the “YesYes” seal of approval for “I’d fuck her in the ass!” All the others get it, too.

  • IDONTknow4

    holy shit these girls are hot

  • aaron

    The process to get these chicks over and marriable sucks. Thank you George Bush.

  • doh

    ^^not that you’ve ever tried or anything

  • pheref

    I vote Calico Kitty

  • McBeastie

    I second that vote for Calico Kitty. Beautiful face.

  • swords n' stones

    do want

  • Douglas

    OMGWTFBBQ, im ordering #3.

  • nelly02

    red dress with horse. fucking hell! i think iv’e made a little mess in me trousers!! 😉

  • JoeClyde


    No women from Uganda?

  • Bad_Obsession

    I know this dude at work who ordered a bride from the Philippines. He spent thousands!

    I wonder what about 40 bucks would get ya??

  • shockresistant

    my guess is little more than a subscription to the website, bad_obsession..

  • mynameisearl

    girl #4 looks like vesa toskola…lol

  • JimenezCricket

    was this a you fap you lose thread?

  • numero uno

    Destroy the Vagina!

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  • top dog

    Most of them would scare me off. I ain’t dating no women that know how to use a gun or a bow. I want a woman, not a hunter. I can hunt.

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  • Ken

    I can at least chuckle at those and can see where it is designed to get yoru attention, but the chick with the Rottweiler is just scary. “You may have me…if my dog approves of you…”

  • Rich

    Yeah… Would you really choose one that has a sword as a toy? Or knows how to use a gun? Or even one that lets slutty pics go online, lol. Crazy stuff!

  • neil

    they got it wrong when I asked for a hot chick playing with her pussy

  • patton303

    Good God these gals put our chicks to shame…. Prost!

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