Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

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  • rajinisha


  • ChrisDG74

    The pregnant Hooters waitress is hilarious!

  • Jordo

    What the fuck does that tat say on that dudes arm? un-fuck-with-able???? sooo dumb!

  • P-90

    Is that yellow truck thing from a movie?

    • Nagrom

      That’s what happens when you give Transformers Bumblebee steroids LOL

  • aaron

    land rover truck is awesome

  • Mark

    I agree with the hawk on the last picture

  • jozef

    hawk is like “”DAAAAAMN!”

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yes, let’s make fun of Down’s Syndrome kids, the sweetest, most trusting and honest kids alive.
    I do agree, no one would want to ‘fuck’ with you. At least not straight girls with brains.
    hehe fat rat is fat. Where can I get some of those bags?

    • sock puppet

      I agree. Why would you guys think it’s okay to make fun of a kid with Down’s Syndrome?

      • Superfresh

        Cause they’re retards, duh.

        • AzzMan

          you must be #1…. you must be….

    • Skeeter

      Panda want to slap a monkey ?

  • Megarath

    “Sir, you do understand the meaning of the word ‘permanent?'”
    “HELL YEAH! Now shut up an’ write ‘unfuckwithable’ on mah danged ol’ arm!”

  • Ken

    The story behind the dressed and hurling Orangutan intrigues me, as do the two people who felt compelled to get a picture of it. I bet the guy who had to clean that up cursed his/her job that day.

  • Hannah

    How sick does a person have to be that after looking at a photo of a CHILD with a disability they come to the conclusion that it would be funny to mock her. That is the true definition of douchebag. I mean seriously, how much of a pathetic, inadequate piece of shit do you have to be to have to put down a small child to gain some sort of recognition of self-worth from other equally dumbshit dicks who’ll laugh at the photo? You’re not funny 14-year-old boy, i’m sorry you’re trailer trash mum didn’t teach you any better.

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

    I totally agree with the two other girls in saying it’s fucked up to post a picture of a kid with Down’s Syndrome. However, this isn’t SheChive. Only dudes would make fun of that. And fat chicks…

    • PTesla

      No. Dudes would not do that. Fat chicks, maybe.

      • AzzMan


  • Equalizer

    3rd to the last: that’s a hobbit

  • It's real life.

    I didn't see the Down's Syndrome photo as mocking. Better to continue to sweep those with it under the rug and hide them in the closet? As you always say, if you don't like it, produce your own web site and STFU. BTW, shove your censor up your….

  • SquirePete

    #2, aren't the bumps supposed to be up a little higher?

  • TyBig

    The girl eating the pudding looks like she has autism. i don't find that funny.

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