Space. I want to go to there. (41 photos)

a nasa space photos 24 Space. I want to go to there. (41 photos)

  • Jordo

    How come there are no stars in the backround?

    • BillyBlaze

      Because the pictures are from space looking at earth. There are no stars on earth. No matter what Lindsay Lohan tattoos on her arm.

      • Shadow Sterks

        The lens isnt strong enough to see the stars plus it takes to much time for light to travel. Just like if you grab a camera and take a picture from the night sky. Compared to space telescope, a cameras shutter closes fast and the space telescope stays open for a period of time alloying light to travel to where ever and back. Thus you can see STARS!

  • Andrew

    @Jordo: I defiantly saw Adam Sandler in one backround!

    • youdummy

      why were you so defiant about it?

  • D'oh

    And that’s just one planet being showed off here, just think about the rest of the universe. We need FTL drives ASAP!

  • Um

    These are actually pictures of Earth. In all probability OP, you are there. Space is the other direction.

  • Gonz

    well sir, I know that down there there are all sorts of war and things like that but from up here it just looks like I can just grab it and hold it in my hands, its almost like “he’s got the whole world in his hands!” c’mon all you chinese!

  • Gonz

    it really does look like a giant blueberry

  • misainzig

    Yeah I was a bit disappointed, as I thought these would be pictures of space. It’s still a marvelous collection of photos. The title is just a bit misleading.

  • robert ball

    Such an exquisite gem! Hard to believe that on the surface of that beautiful globe people are killing and hating! We really don’t deserve what we’ve got here, seriously!!!

  • JustMe

    Tried posting this three times…wtf?

    If you like these, then go to the official “NASA Earth Observatory” image-of-the-day site…you can download a new pic every day, and snag all the ones you like from their archives…I use a folderful of ’em as a screensaver slideshow…I can waste even more hours watching that than coming HERE!

    Maybe it doesn’t like links? I had a link to the NASA EO site here…let’s see if this works. How obtuse…

  • You_Lie

    America needs to conker space before muslims. Unfortunetly our “precident” is a mooslem hisself. Palin 2012!

    • You_Suck

      You need to “conker” your inability to spell…and your idiocy, as well. That is all.

  • LOL

    I found my house! 🙂 Sorta…:)

    Very cool gallery gents. Thanks.

  • Sweet Jimmy

    12th photo down from the very top is Baghdad prior to us going in. They tried burning oil to block satellite and aerial observation, if I remember right. Crazy how much smoke they produced over the city.

    • I Don't Get It

      Sweet Jimmy,

      I may be missing something, but that looks an awful lot like snow to me. If so, it can’t be Baghdad. But again, I could be wrong (either because it’s not snow, or it snows in Baghdad – I know it snows in the Middle East occasionally).

  • papasmurf

    Space is the final frontier………… Well thats what Kirk said ! …..But is it ? Iim glad they hung sad damn, know what that sumbitch did ? He drank goat piss and burned our oil ! I say death to muslim 1

  • JG

    There’s another HD picture of Michigan from space in which most of the state is covered in snow, and some of the lakes are partially frozen. Pretty cool stuff.

  • MistaDabolina

    a thread titled "space…"
    pictures of the earth

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