Dude builds entire Iron Man suit (7 Photos)

iron man new Dude builds entire Iron Man suit (7 Photos)

Edit: Apparently that’s War Machine, not Iron Man, however I’m not changing the title ’cause I’m drinking Jack Daniels at the moment. Continue with your nerdgasms…

  • getbig

    yea he gets laid

  • YesYes

    ^^^ I hope you were being facetious? A dude with that much time to manufacture fictional shit probably has never even seen a vagina IRL.

    • God

      Exactly what makes you think he devoted every waking moment to building that suit? Could’ve taken him a year, spending just a few hours every week on it. Everyone has a hobby, and this is his. The “too much time on their hands” comment was old at least 5 years ago.

    • DarthKlipsch

      That suit makes me moist, and I don’t even have the right parts for that!

    • Flicka

      You know, it's amazing, but really busy people who do a lot of things? They tend to do a lot of things.

  • moreland

    on the second date he shows up like this just to see how she’ll react

  • Joey

    Holy shit thats awesome! I want one. And I believe thats war machine not Iron Man.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Definitely Iron Man. And alot of girls like that kind of thing. *not naming names coughcough* So, if he wasn’t getting any girls before, he is now.

      • http://onesickpuppy.wordpress.com Bad_Obsession

        I beg to differ. If on the slight chance that he does indeed have a girlfriend, she would have never allowed him enough time to build that thing without cutting off his balls. My money says he’s a virgin. And from the looks of it, he will be for quite some time. He probably sleeps in the damn thing!

        • HellHathNoFury

          any girlfriend worth having would have helped him measure it out and tig it.

          • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

            Exactly and there are quite a few hard core hobbyists out there that have girlfriends that are just as into the hobby as the guy they’re with.

          • http://onesickpuppy.wordpress.com Bad_Obsession

            Touche’, HHNF. 😉

  • fullcircle

    /nerd on
    That’s War Machine….. One of the 4 comic books i own has War Machine in it.
    /nerd off

    • HellHathNoFury

      Alright, I guess the recent multi-million dollar movie had it wrong.

  • alano

    yeah thats definitely War Machine! This guy is fucking awesome!!! how come when someone does something this awesome other guys have to immediately say he’s a loser who has no time? judging from that last pic he has a wife who nags him and atleast 3 kids…..KUDOS TO YOU WAR MACHINE & YOUR CREATIVE MIND

  • HellHathNoFury

    oh, eff. They’re the same freaking thing.

  • Ari

    Looks like publicity photos from the sequel. :\

  • Mr. Irony


  • Matt

    Good job Chive. Your miss title-ling has struck again. Thats War Machine not Iron Man.

  • James

    Its War Machine and HHNF they didnt get anything wrong… the 2nd one has both.

  • TomorrowByStorm

    That’s most def. War Machine (You can tell due to the Machine Gun attached to the shoulder, and the lack of Iron Man’s Red and Gold.). What’s funny is right now anyone who knows the difference is being called a nerd, but as soon as the second movie comes out anyone who DOESN”T know the difference will be called a moron.

    Also, for the record, That dude pulls a TON of poon with that suit at any Con he goes too. You know those hot Cos-Play chicks the chive loves to post? Yeah, he’s tappin that squirrel.

    • fullcircle

      You won the internet on 1/6 with that comment, well done. Youre absolutely right about after the movie comes out.

  • Anonymous

    what a tool

  • yeahsure

    He clearly has some serious engineering skills…still a plebble though.

  • Lionhearte

    everyone says he’s never gonna get laid for the rest of his life, but I’m certain 90% of you want that suit..

  • GenoBaby

    That’s War Machine… not Iron Man (my geek is showing)

  • stafferty

    Unless that thing has real weapons this guy should find a new, more productive hobby, i.e. booze and hookers

  • Correction

    Actually, it’s the WARMACHINE costume/suit. Not Ironman.

  • Gonz

    pretty bad ass dude! congrats, I hope you get no std’s from all the pwn you are getting now

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  • P-90

    Iron Man (Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ Stark)
    War Machine (James Rupert ‘Jim’ Rhodes)
    This post has no point, I’m just letting my geek flag fly.

    • God

      Robert Downey Jr acts as Iron man in the iron man movies……………not Anthony Edward

      • Somedudewhosawyourstuff

        are you serious?

  • http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000498406848 bryainiac

    he must get girls with that suit, look at tony stark, he gets pussy flying at him from left in right because of the suit.

  • Ohkeeki

    holy shit.

    anybody know where the guy lives? grand theft war machine time~

  • TomCruise.

    Epicest suit EVER! id love to strut that during halloween.
    Cudos my friend, cudos.

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