Dude builds entire Iron Man suit (7 Photos)

iron man new Dude builds entire Iron Man suit (7 Photos)

Edit: Apparently that’s War Machine, not Iron Man, however I’m not changing the title ’cause I’m drinking Jack Daniels at the moment. Continue with your nerdgasms…

  • maxmikes

    i like d@..i have also made my own crazy war machine and will post it when am done…gud job and never stop doing wat u luv doing.

  • Bragteeri


  • Anonymous

    im sorry but thats fucking sweet, im and sure he gets vaj just because ur all afraid and scared of ur own masculinity dosnt mean this guy didnt or dosnt get tail… so stfu idiots

  • Anonymous

    Everyone hating is just intensely jealous, they WISH they could make something like this.

    Just wanted to point that out, I’m more of an HEV suit guy myself 😉

  • The Turquoise Power Ranger

    That’s hot.

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  • Agent Zer0

    That last photo has so much "WIN" in it on so many levels, I can't even find the words for it. 😀

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