• vitorla

    Where the hell did they get that much snow at the Linc?

  • Nitz

    Eagles fans are the worst in the NFL. Period. Taunting away team fans is one thing, but that was ridiculous.

    • fullcircle

      Philly fans in general, Flyers fans boo a injured player when he/if gets up.

  • Brit Boi

    Aw, what a brave muppets they are who threw snowballs. Sooo american, so brave in a crowd…. ….. Football game where they barely kick that thing… Booring and stupid.
    If that was in Europe neareast guy throwing snowballs would loose his teeth you jerkoffs

    • American Man

      Before or after you stopped for tea time? Besides, punching a brit in the teeth would only improve their crooked smile. Cheerio nancy boy

    • Pepe Silvia

      Listen, Winston Churchhill was an amazing leader, but you guys are a teeny tiny island, and if it wasn’t for us, you’d all be speaking ze German right now. Football hooligans would be the least of your worries. And hey, how’s The Queen doing? Still in charge of the country over there, or is she simply a figurehead that you all pay for some reason.
      Suck it.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Historical pwn FTW

        • ant

          So the americans coming over when the war was almost over meant that you won it? i think not, plus the fact we have to save your assess in iraq now says it all, we have way more troops per head of population over there than you do!! and always remember, you are immigrants from europe living on the land of american indians, respect where you came from and think before you type. and HHNF is a perfect example of an american, doing a lot to help yourself, don’t forget to take regular breaks from your computer love.

          • Ranger Danger

            How about showing a little respect for the farmers that kicked your biscuit lovin’ asses?

      • Sherman


      • AtlantaBurning

        Actually the Soviets would have eventually beat back the Germans as Stalin was willing and able to use every last man and woman (children too if need be) to defeat Germany. HOWEVER… SPAGETT!

    • patton303

      What the f__k are you talking about Brit Pansy?
      Soccer hooligans are the worst sports fans in the world.
      Philly fans are bad but few NFL football games have ever devolved in full scale riots.
      Europe sucks. Suck it.

  • word up

    you thought that was bad, people in europe people throw flares, bottles and people get stabbed. this was dumb americans being annoying.

  • jozef

    in europe we replaced snowballs with bricks

    • mook

      In Europe do you throw your mouths at cocks too?

      • ant

        haha, good one……….. (PS for the americans, i’m being sarcastic)

  • mook

    That teaches you not to screw with the mob.

  • somethings

    I think this is an awful lack of sportsmanship.

  • Graz

    Yeah, those folks got them good by barraging them with snowballs. Then while the throwers sat out in the cold, the stadium put the poor targets in a nice warm box with free beverages and comped them a game. Maybe not a playoff game, but a future one.

    Stay classy, Philly.

    • k

      i was at this game. the 49ers fans were escourted out of the stadium and encouraged to go home before the game ended. same thing happens with the inevitable dallas fans who show up every year saying “im not scared, i’ll wear my romo jersey.” security guards remove them in ‘the interest of their own safety.’

  • Brit Boi

    Seems that for some dumb yankees 20th century history knowledge comes only from movies they see on cable and only those made for last 15 years to be precise. Well, that’s ok chaps, it’s not your fault. You’re just this way, awesome and proud of being american.

    To correct your obvious lack of knowledge – Prime Minister is in charge and queen is a royal part of UK history which goes more than 10 centuries. Sorry, yours goes back to A.L. and slaying poor natives, well done!

    It’s not what I was meant to say. As Jozef pointed we throw bricks. Yes, also we use knives. That’s just naughty boys play which I do not enjoy. Hooligans behave nicely compared to your anti-racists crowds putting whole districts on fire, yeap, shame on you…

    We play football, THE REAL ONE and it’s a game that you slowly start appreciating by calling it soccer (LOL). Also we play RUGBY which you call for some smart reason football but we play it the way real men do, know what I’m saying bro?

    So, go back to your snowballs contest, sit tight and enjoy watching the game, boring one. If you happen to come down to our real football game you’ll have to wear your “football” protective gear silly….. as soon as someone hear your lazy accent.

    • Ranger Danger

      I’m American. I play rugby. I agree that American football sucks. I still hate the British and soccer.

    • k

      football is boring? compared to SOCCER? I’d rather watch a History Channel special about the evolution of the pencil than watch a goddam soccer game. He dribbles down the gigantic field, a guy steals the ball, dribbles back down the gigantic field, someone else steals it and oooo… out of bounds. 90 minutes later it’s 1-0. That’s why you assholes fight each other at games. Frustration stemming from boredom and the realization that you simply have nothing better to do.

  • huh

    Philadelphia sports fans are cretins.

  • C

    Philly fans are fickle and brutal. They are a sad bunch, and anyone who thinks otherwise is probably brain damaged (and possibly from Philly). Oh yeah, and as for Brit Boi, the fact you actually watch soccer says enough for me. Don’t blame America for bailing your behinds out in WWII (you’re welcome by the way.) Also, don’t blame us for a sport you can actually watch without falling asleep and that has something other than a 0-0 score at the end. I hope your oral hygiene is better than your witty repartee.

  • J

    The US didnt bail the UK out in WW2. The UK saved itself in … The Battle of Britian in 1940. I suggest you read up on WW2 history. What actually defeated Hitler was him declaring war on Russia.

    iirc The US only joined the war after Pearl Harbour, on the morning of December 7, 1941. The war started in 1939, From the outset People were putting their lives on the line and dieing in an effort to save the world from being taken over by a crazed lunatic. America sat by and did nothing, while endless people died.

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  • TigersFidelity

    HAHAHAH!!! Philly fans own u out of towners!!! Do yourself a favor and don’t wear the wrong colors to a game in Philly….

    oh and the battle of britain was huge, but i guess u guys were planning to sail over the chanel yourselves and push germany back on your own huh? Germany’s downfall was a 2 front war fyi…and btw, I am a Russian immigrant in USA…so your welcome from both sides….

  • sds


    Exactly, they dont know their history, if Hitler hadnt tangled with Russia and just stomped over europe into America, would have been a few million dead in US and Canada

  • damage p

    I’m an American football and soccer fan. But I have to agree with C about the 0-0 score sometimes lol. Btw I hate bashers on both sides, if anything, baseball is boring. Anyways, I’m glad that we have the British military (British
    ‘militree” for all you English out there) helping us out in Iraq.

    Hey Brit Boi, who do you think would win in a fight? America’s military, or Great Britian’s military?

  • baller

    for whoever said all the US did was come over and said we won the war in WWII… thats exactly what happened. OUR troops were the ones who held the woods in the battle of the bulge and OUR troops are the ones who took over the eagles nest. USA all day biatch

  • guest

    dday was 3 fourths us.

  • ynotflyers

    OK Gang, here is an FYI…..When you get off the subway and head up the stairs to Broad st. or 611…..there's a sign on the wall that informs everyone that they are entering (on their own) the Heart of Philly Fans…….the rest I will leave up to you ……The writing is on the wall so to speak…..

  • DatWop32

    To bad the EAGLES suck…. the only good thing to come out of Philly was the Cheesesteak…

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