Meet Caryn, Ireland’s hottest Chiver (15 Photos)

lead chive great Meet Caryn, Irelands hottest Chiver (15 Photos)

Caryn Pick is living in Ireland but she’s originally from South Africa. She’s been a loyal Chiver since we started last year and deserves some recognition for her body loyalty.

(Thinking out loud) I’m mystified that more chicks don’t do this sorta thing. Think about it, you’re looking for some exposure for one reason or another and OH LOOK, the CHIVE has an email address and a million visits a day. This should be mind-numbingly simple, chicks. Remember Jen Baby? Playboy tracked her down AND she got a gig hosting an MTV show after she was juuuust smart enough to send her photo to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to take some photos with some CHIVE love and collect internet fame. That is all. Enjoy Caryn…

Oh, and thanks to Caryn’s friend Stephen McDonnell for convincing her this was a fantastic idea.

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