Meet Caryn, Ireland’s hottest Chiver (15 Photos)

lead chive great Meet Caryn, Irelands hottest Chiver (15 Photos)

Caryn Pick is living in Ireland but she’s originally from South Africa. She’s been a loyal Chiver since we started last year and deserves some recognition for her body loyalty.

(Thinking out loud) I’m mystified that more chicks don’t do this sorta thing. Think about it, you’re looking for some exposure for one reason or another and OH LOOK, the CHIVE has an email address and a million visits a day. This should be mind-numbingly simple, chicks. Remember Jen Baby? Playboy tracked her down AND she got a gig hosting an MTV show after she was juuuust smart enough to send her photo to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Be sure to take some photos with some CHIVE love and collect internet fame. That is all. Enjoy Caryn…

Oh, and thanks to Caryn’s friend Stephen McDonnell for convincing her this was a fantastic idea.

  • Tyler

    This is my kind of girl

  • Moreland888

    She’s hiding a nice rack. I can tell these things

    • negro_please00

      im pretty sure its illegal to do that.

  • Wood

    glad to see theCHIVE adding a little more color. I’m more of a chubby chaser though

  • Orcas ate my parents

    She’s hot. not a 10. but she stands out, fuck she’s in Ireland. – She stands out like a mutherfucker

  • Anonymous

    Please let me know how/where do you get that this girl is Irish?

    Could it be the SOUTH AFRICAN flag in the background of photo 10????

    • poor boy

      please tell me you didn’t read the text that said she’s from South Africa, jackass

  • LOL

    Thank you Stephen McDonnell. 🙂 😉 And John. 🙂 And God. And Caryn. 🙂 😉

    • chooch6899

      Its about time ya’ll got a sista on here! She is bangin’!

  • http://I Sidney

    I wanna see more!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ProudlySA

    Yeah!!!! you go chica!!! representing!!!
    South African women are hot inside n out!

    • http://I Sidney


  • Johnny

    Okay but when do we get to see Caryn the sexy chiver?

    • Dannytheboy

      Funny Guy!!!! What more do u want? She is very sexy and has Chive plastered all over her, therefore she’s a Sexy Chiver.

  • Doc

    Gotta love that hybrid vigour!

  • Dannytheboy

    This has just made my day. Good on you Chive. How long do we have to wait for Playboy to pay her loads of cash to get naked. I need to see them puppies asap. They look awesome even from here!

  • Dannytheboy

    The 2nd pic of her eating with the spoon is totally one of the sexiest pics on this site. Much sexier than the outfit with one leg although she definitely has the body for it. How tall would u say she is? A little pocket rocket I’d say. Damn!

    • God

      Calm down.

  • Nasty

    she’s tight, but i wouldnt mind seeing more of her friends !

  • Anonymous


  • Jordo

    Super cute! Danny the boy is right. The pic of her with the spoon, is bang’en!

  • Bang

    Masturbation is a go.

  • dos santos

    your breast is already hanging baby ..

  • top dog

    I’am not to picky but I would love to have seen a camel toe or something, well mabe not, living in Irland that might not be a good idea, I could be wrong though. She got a nice bum and I would love to see more of it, and bring them friends with you, er….leave Stephen at home though. No offence man, they probably look a whole lot better than you, I’am just saying……. Oh and awww!! thanks Stephen.

    • Dev

      Shit Dude, if it goes like Jen Baby’s post did we’ll see a lot more than camel toes in her Playboy spread. Wheres Hef at???

  • Anonymous

    Ugly…do not want. I hope there are hotter girls in Dublin.

    • Yore Ma!

      I’m sure the tears are flowing down her cute face onto her beautiful breasts now she knows you dont fancy her. I know why you’re posting anonymously, you’re Stevie Wonder!!!!

  • Dev

    I reckon Stephen will get some Caryn lovin’ after this. Maybe he is her “Gay friend” though and thats why she listened to him coz i cant see a straight guy being able to do it unless he is one smooth talking mofo. “Hey Baby, you know what you should do…………….” lol

    Hey Anonymous, you need you’re head examined if you think she is ugly, she is fine. Much hotter than any of the black girls i hang with back in Philly and we roll with some cuties but perhaps that Stephen dude would be of more interest to you 😉 Its the only explanation!!!!

  • doogie

    i’d bang her to kingdom cum

  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow, she’s pretty, funny, and a Chiver! Thanks for this post, she couldn’t be more amazing!

  • YesYes

    I’d fuck her shit maker. But that’s because she’s breathing and has a vagina. Otherwise, I give her 5. Let’s not forget the 1pt auto-deduction for the morning after. They always look uglier the next day. So, that takes her to a solid 4. Way to go, Champ.

  • ant

    this is the best that ireland has to offer

    • Dev

      What difference does it make as you’ll never get anyone near as hot as her!!

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