Angelyne, a true blonde (10 Photos)

angel blond lead Angelyne, a true blonde (10 Photos)

If you live in Los Angeles (like I do), you know Angelyne. Once upon a 1980’s she was an icon in the city for no real reason. Her rich husband placed billboards of her all over the city and she drove around in a pink Corvette wearing and dressing the part. She appeared in a few horror movies but nothing substantial. Nobody really knows how old she is, her real name, or how many plastic surgeries she’s had. But she’s a part of Hollywood lore, an old relic that makes you smile a little when her Corvette passes you on Sunset Blvd.

  • StudleyPendejos

    Shes FUGLY!

    • TDub66

      My thoughts EXACTLY!

  • BillyBlaze

    Why does she get to park in a handicapped space?

    • John Doe

      Cuz she's "a true blonde"?

  • cindy

    this is why i love the chive

  • Fortune favors

    haha i live on LA. most of the billboards, maybe all of them, are gone. that last photo brings me back man

    • Jonathan Passow

      Last one I saw was bout 3 years ago.

  • schnozzberriesTasteLikeShat she a true blonde or is the Vette a manual?

    • dd

      I heard the Vette runs on White-Rain!

      • HellHathNoFury

        and AquaNet!!

  • Alan

    Ah, I’d fuck her

  • Justin Case

    tooth pick legs with absolutely no shape. She was a skank in the 70’s and now she’s in her 70’s ergo once a skank always a skank.

  • yeahsure

    She’s a walking personification of whats wrong with the world today….i even blame her for global warming and the global recession.

  • Insert Name Here

    I’d smash

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  • YesYes

    I’d fuck in her in mud pipe.

  • Ken

    Did we even need to see the license plate to know this was Los Angeles?

  • Bubba Mcnugget

    I think she’s adorable in an 1980’s, Princess Peach sorta way.

  • Aaron

    I heard an interview with the guy who made her famous. Crazy thing is it wasn’t his wife, it was his “muse”. He was a billboard mogul in town and times were slow so instead of having a bunch of empty billboards he put pictures of her up. It was a pretty interesting story.

    • Anonymous

      Odd, because to hear you tell it…it’s not interesting at all.

  • Gonz

    if I was not so very afraid of contracting any STDS I would possibly hug her

  • robin yates

    I think many people hate her because she drives a Corvette,,,,,,,,obviously has money and doesn’t give a shit about assholes who think she is a skank

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  • enkidu

    We don’t hate her, Robin, we have contempt for her and think she is a skank. What she thinks, if she does or even can, is irrelevant.

  • papasmurf

    I wonder if she would like to go camping. I have everything for the trip, except for the mabeline, butt that might not matter ,by mornining she will have a craving for raw fish & blood sausage. O YEAH

  • Zoe

    I hope I can look that good at 60 something! True, she has had a lot of work done, she dresses in stuff made for women half her age and she plasters on her makeup…BUT Angelyne looks like a happy person. I have seen her in person a few times and she seems really sweet and harmless. She just wants to live her life and be a diva in her own world and look fabulous. She is eccentric and that is just her personality. It’s too bad there are so many haters on the internet. As a Californian I will say this: in person Angelyne gives off a happy, positive energy. She has been around a long time but so what? I hope I am lucky enough to be around as long as her…and I hope I feel good enough about myself to dress however I want and not care what people say! The world is a more colorful place with her IN it and I hope she is around for a long time doing what she loves most=Looking like a human Barbie and getting attention!

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  • imayadatty

    I wish more women dressed like her…I’m sick of all the frumpy looking chicks around…especially here at my office.

    oh yeah…I’d hit it too!! Just so I could say I did!!

  • Marky Mark

    Also found out that Angelyne has fallen on hard times. She is listing her Malibu condo for $575,000.00. Looks like a pepto bismol nightmare!

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