Daily morning randomness (29 photos)

a random funny ss 19 Daily morning randomness (29 photos)

  • drainbrain

    can anyone please tell me why some posts only show one picture when they are supposed to show more? thanks

    • Stalker Rob

      When that happens to me, I reload th page and click the title of the gallery rather than the lead pic….works for me anyway.

      • Jard

        Cuz you touch yourself at night

  • Stalker Rob

    Hey theCHIVE thanks for reading the comments section and actually listening to what we think (re: the scrolling banner).

    Shows you actually give a damn..awesome guys.

  • SchnozzberriesTasteLikeShat

    Aw, I would never yell at my 360 3l337 again. Bird poo win. Hey, I love bratwurst. Let’s go!

  • aaron


    • P-90

      Yeah well don’t make it angry, you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry.

    • Stalker Rob

      The banner is gone for me, I wasn’t being sarcastic in my first post.

  • YesYes

    Sweater on the tree is “knittaplease”. Graffiti knittas. Shit is all over Houston.

  • Ken

    Oh man, is that Nissan Ad for real? That is some low, low shit right here.

  • wowo

    i need to know where you can find the chair in n° 22!
    (kuvatOn is also a pic site i see)

    • Anonymous


      • Roget

        The comment makes perfect sense to me, WTF right back at you son.

  • Gonz

    I always admire a hot stick with a turtleneck sweater

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