Liquid breakfast (7 Photos)

breakfast water lead Liquid breakfast (7 Photos)

  • BillyBlaze

    Water is not supposed to be brown

  • peter

    i’d like to be at one of these places

  • NoSpams

    BRAZIL !!!

  • SchnozzberriesTasteLikeShat

    How can anyone stop to eat in a place like that, when there’s swimming and hiking and all kinds of wierd creatures to torment?

    • Ken

      Because they get hungry?

    • Smitty


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  • gonzo

    the first few are from Los Roques in Venzuela

  • PacOpeth

    Hahahaha the second ones are from Veracruz flood in México hahaha yeah! we manage to be classy after all ;D

  • milikes

    YEAAAA Veracruz! Smiles even in the worst situations.

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