I have a pretty big nerd crush on Felicia Day (10 Photos)

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  • Mike

    Felicia is an incredible person. If you follow her at all you find that she is always very real and seems to live in the moment. Her creativity is amazing. The Guild was an idea waiting to happen and a show that needed to be made but had someone else been in charge I don’t think it would have had the charm that it has. If you look around for her you find that she is a virtuoso violinist and can cuss like a sailor — I suspect she can hold her own against her detractors. She is smart and beautiful with a smile that can instantly disarm you and soft, kind eyes that make you want to protect her (even if she doesn’t need it). I wouldn’t consider Felicia a nerd crush — just a smart one. I can’t wait to see what happens for her next…

  • ladyguitarstar

    a few of you are gushing on and on about this chick just enough to make it creepy. thanks for the giggles!

  • Clickawut

    Holy overbite batman ! She reminds me of the pterodactyl from land before time.

  • hmm

    no idea who she is

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  • eROKv

    one time she got sunburn from being out all nite during a full moon. but other than that, she’s pretty awesome. turned her wow addiction into a successful career and fame.

  • aaron

    ginger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! run!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Drake

    The coolest part about this gallery is NPH…this chick is more on the busted side than the hot side…even if she is nerdy

  • Issy Redbird

    Okay, I’m a girl, and I have to admit. If I were gay, I would date her. She’s cute with short hair.

  • forge

    You can tell NPH would switch-hit for her. (snerk)

  • DaddyD

    Since when did Chivers judge a woman on anything BUT her appearance?

    Let's have some consistency here, please.

    My proposal … "hot" has to do with physical appearance. A "hot chick" must have both a nice face and a good body. A woman can be appealing without being hot. So having a crush on Felicia is perfectly acceptable. Calling her "hot" … a betrayal of the Chive ethos.

  • Daniel

    Gamer: Check
    Nerd: Check
    Chick: Check
    Hottie: Check
    HOPA: Check
    Redhead: KACHING!

  • Always Last


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