We share the same air as these people (25 photos)

a these people exist 3 We share the same air as these people (25 photos)

  • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

    What’s the Black Ranger doing with that chick with helicopter hair?

    • BooBooTheFool

      Since the guy appears to be holding some sort of award I would have to say that the pic of the girl with helicopter hair is from a hair show. Doesn’t look any more strange than those stupid hoop dresses that they wear in fashion shows. Guy looks a little less than manly so i’d guess that he is the hair dresser.

      • MichaelGS

        and in the blue hell is she wearing 2 pairs of shades? I’ve not heard of hair and shade events! it looks like the second pair belong to him, but why not just put them down on a table?

      • MichaelGS

        Edit: “why in the blue hell is she wearing 2 pairs of shades?”

  • D'oh

    Yeeeeaaaah 21 is an illness, so em, yeah, it’s not his fault or anything.

  • Erika

    I am sad to admit, the guy in the chain mail suit is sporting my citys football team logo! lol Edmonton Eskimoes suck!

    • Phil

      hahaha i noticed it too!! (also from E town)… yea they’re not any good. but then again, neither is football.

  • Brandon

    As i said on the politicians post, something went terribly wrong in the Asian gene pool at some point.

    • top dog

      Yeah, it’s called hamburgers and hot dogs(junk food).

      • Anonymous


  • chewspam

    worst part about it . . . . . . they vote.

  • confused

    who lets these people live

  • SB

    A couple of these people have hormonal imbalances and that’s a medical condition that they can’t help with…

  • BillyBlaze

    Is that Charlie Day in the third pic?

    • aaron

      striking resemblances but it is not.

  • wil

    larping ftw!

  • connor

    2nd pic looks like the tree has a vagina!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t see anything wrong with the last pic. Don’t mind sharing air, or a bed with her.

    • sotb3

      yeah??23 is wrong? guess i missed something and belong in that picture, too–

      • Anonymous

        Clearly neither of you chive that often

  • Ken

    The first pic brings to mind a quote (WTTE) from “Casablanca:”

    “Rick how extravagant you are throwing away women like that. Someday they may be scarce.”

    Pennywise! Only slightly more creepy than a regular clown.

    Do I see Schick or Gillette spokesman possibility? He’s a natural!

  • Ken

    Ooh, it’s a little creepy that the legs in the trash pic comes up the same day as the story about finding the Playboy model in the Miami dumpster.

  • Megarath

    I want to climb up on that dome and give the statue a high five!

  • Skeeter

    Who is the chick in the last pic??

  • morg

    number eight is ryuk and mello, theres nothing wrong with that, its jst cosplay!

  • MissChris

    You have outdone yourself Chive – definitely one of the weirdest effing posts I’ve seen! Pennywise clown Always creeps me the f*ck out.

  • Rawrbies

    I think I seen the pic #7 couple before. They had like a funny looking wedding picture, right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609752697 Peter Bergman

      I had same thought — he's in military I think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609752697 Peter Bergman

    When I looked at last picture I was actually seeing a moment in the future — or something.

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