Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

a random funny ty 11 Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • fullcircle

    The lower leg bones on the male look MUCH smaller than those on the woman. Wonder if there is a reason for that, or if it was just where the image as located on the person

    • BillyBlaze

      I think she works out

    • mook

      Different cross sections of the scan.
      See how his eye sockets are shown and not his spine while hers is?

  • Stevosaurous

    That candyapple looks amazing

  • aaron

    ice cube…genius.

  • Adam

    I work at Burgerville! The receipts don’t look like that at our restaurant, but I know the nutrition information is right.
    BTW: Spicy Anasazi is a veggie burger.

    • Stalker Rob

      Adam, you have just changed my life. Thanks for the inside scoop.

  • Stalker Rob

    I miss Mike Tyson

  • MissChris

    You do kinda have to wonder what the kid in the lead pic is rockin on his IPod…

    • zwelfkm

      I’d rock you…

    • mook

      iPods easier to get than a AK47, guess in 3rd worlds its reversed.

  • Gonz

    I would love some ice cube for my ice-t

    • Chalisss

      Yeah, Ice Cube FTW

  • Nightstalker

    It may just be a perspective thing but I am pretty sure the guys at the waterfall are insane if they are even considering that!!!

  • Me

    I swear like 70% of the pics on this site are stolen from digg.

    • LOL

      Then go over to digg and quit your bitching…jeez…not that fuckin’ hard to click that mouse.

      The damn ice in the house…that had to suck rotten donkey balls. 😛

  • Quacodile

    The woman in the body scan picture looks hot.

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