So get this, there’s a site where you have to be beautiful to join (22 Photos)

aa beautiful women pics 7 So get this, theres a site where you have to be beautiful to join (22 Photos)

Recently, a CNN report came out about a site called Beautifulpeople [dot] com. The reason CNN wrote about it was because the site had kicked out 5,000 of its members for gaining to much weight over Christmas break. Their reason,
” Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model.”
The site’s homepage reads:
• Do looks matter to you, when it comes to selecting a partner?
• Do you want to guarantee your dates will always be beautiful?
• No more filtering through unattractive people on mainstream sites
Users also must rate each other and you must be voted into the site. Enjoy…

Thanks to Ori for the heads-up on this. No photos taken directly from Beautiful People.

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