So get this, there’s a site where you have to be beautiful to join (22 Photos)

aa beautiful women pics 7 So get this, theres a site where you have to be beautiful to join (22 Photos)

Recently, a CNN report came out about a site called Beautifulpeople [dot] com. The reason CNN wrote about it was because the site had kicked out 5,000 of its members for gaining to much weight over Christmas break. Their reason,
” Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model.”
The site’s homepage reads:
• Do looks matter to you, when it comes to selecting a partner?
• Do you want to guarantee your dates will always be beautiful?
• No more filtering through unattractive people on mainstream sites
Users also must rate each other and you must be voted into the site. Enjoy…

Thanks to Ori for the heads-up on this. No photos taken directly from Beautiful People.

  • Joey

    Anyone care to count how many unique blondes there are here? Half of them look alike. I think it’s actually just 3 chicks total. Who the hell would date someone who’d put themselves on this site? Narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders make for some good times. I’d put $100 up that every last one of them’s a cold fish in bed. By the way whoever the other “Joey” is above, back off bitch, that’s my name.

    • Joey

      Not happenin, that actually is my name and Ive only just started seeing your posts, so you back off. Throw your last initial on there

      • joey

        Hey, I’m Joey! Why don’t you both back off!!

  • Egbert

    Plastic people…

  • Laura

    This seems more like a site you visit to know who NOT to date…Apparently “pretty” to them translates to “I have low self-esteem, I am 80% silicone, and I have the intelligence of sofa.”

  • bryainiac

    im on the site.

  • mook

    If mook dyed hair blonde and got big fake titties can mook join too?

    • J.D.

      Mook forgot the lobotomy and look of vapid desperation. Then Mook can join.

  • jeff in Australia

    These people don’t join this site looking for love. They don’t need to. They find all the love they need, every morning in the mirror..

  • sparkle motion

    they rated me awesome

  • FRance

    In my country, these girls would be spat on. but here, I think i’m in love

  • yeahsure

    I hope the door to this special club leads straight to a gas chamber,the sooner the world is done with these waste of resources the better…these fuckers are breathing my air!

  • Kirby

    still get the same old creepy men with the hot girl pictures on there i’ll bet.

  • C

    • HOR HAY

      what do you mean no one would care? losers like you have to have something to jerk off too

  • robin yates

    dyed blonde hair,,,,plastic tits,,,,,,,,, tatoos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,beautiful people,,,,,,,,I don’t think so !!!

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  • Cable900

    Having lead an active lifestyle and having managed a health club for 5 years I’m a big believer in staying fit. However, what I’ve also observed is that pretty people, spoiled from an early age, are addicted to, and corrupted by, the extra attention they receive. Because of this, in my experience, it’s hard to find a pretty person who is considerate to those around them. What I see in many of these photos is the result of that sad addiction to attention.

  • Cable900

    And I’m willin’ to give ’em, all the attention they can stand.

  • Jupiter

    And they all have the vapid expression only too much botox and silicon could produce.

  • RiHughes

    I’m sure they are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside………….and I mean on the inside of their vaginas.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    just a few “before/ after” pics might put them in perspective

  • confused

    a lot of these women are not that good looking

  • Anonymous

    these people will never work out cuzz in a relationship one of the person have to be the not so beautiful one. I want to know there “work out relationship” rate, like how offten does a couple meet there and truns out to be a great match? “i bet it’s -100%” LMAO

  • elms

    beautiful people, silicone breasts… fuck you all…

  • dre

    Beautiful and white

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  • Garmon

    I love being a member of Mensa. No money or silicon can buy you the membership.

  • Big Bob

    Now let’s see all of these women without the makeup, implants, botox, hair extensions, fake tans, and push-up bras…then we’ll decide who’s truly beautiful. Also, a personality/attitude test to qualify might not be a bad idea.

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