Download theCHIVE’s New and Improved iPhone app for FREE

thechive iphone post new Download theCHIVEs New and Improved iPhone app for FREE

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have downloaded theCHIVE’s sweet iPhone app! We appreciate your feedback and have made drastic improvements to the photo load time and fixed other random glitches. Let’s face it, the first version sucked ass -it was waaaay too slow. But I can safely say the new version is badass. So if you haven’t downloaded it, do it now! If you downloaded and deleted it, please re-download it!

Click here to download the $.99 Pro Version (one-time fee) that removes all advertisements.

Or if you are that cheap, clickHERE to download the FREE Version with advertising

Please vote for it and give it 5 stars!!!!!!

  • carle1982

    please release this app in the Canadian app store.

  • Bego

    Canadian app store please…

  • Anonymous

    It won load on my phone wtf. I love the chive

  • Anonymous

    Chive, y u no release app in Australia app store? Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Anonymous

    I installed the new iPhone update today and my chive app vanished and when I click to install the 99 cent version it says cannot complete request. If you have any hints on how to fix this travisty please let me know

  • Kyran Kissick (@fortheravers)

    Me too I am so gutted, the one app I d to keep

    • Anonymous

      I paid u money y u no give me app

  • Anonymous

    Japanese app store please

  • http://Salazar Jesus

    A lot of the galleries from the site are not displayin.

  • Anonymous

    No hump day no dar no your dress is tight. I am displeased

  • Anonymous

    Y you no let me use app i pay money for?

  • Anonymous

    After a long ass wait, I am most pleased! Probably the best app in the world. Now a real challenge… A chive T.

    • Heather

      Awesome app! Luvin the chive!!

  • nicholas bennett

    Guys, theChive is seriously one of the single best sites out there. Why not make the app just as perfect? For both iphone and droid. I would pay 5.00 for this.
    Love chiver and droid user,

  • d.i.sapointed

    Love my chive app but now not so happy, went to look at the chive today and no more mind the gap or flbp!!??? Wtf its like someone took all the good shit out!!

  • Mac

    Why no more girls on the iPhone app????????? Bring them back!

  • Anonymous

    I was gonna dL but after 9 outa 10 shitty comments. Not happen.

  • Kevin

    On my ipad I connect to the Chive without a problem, but when I click on anything it takes me to the icon page. Laptop works, iphone works, the Chive is the only site that it is not working on. Anyone else having trouble or know how to fix it?

  • Brandon

    Link just takes me to a blank page in the app store.. Like wtf

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