• Jessie

    Dannng. Too bad there’s no picture of this guy, he’d fit it real well with the douchebag posts.

    • LOL

      Wait a damn minute. This person (I use the term loosely) bitches, and you take the galleries down?!? WTF?!? Seriously?!?

      John…you go doing that and soon the whole site will be full of nothing but puppies and kids! And the PETA people will bitch about the exploitation of puppies!

      Last I heard, thechive is based in America correct? Isn’t everything here covered by Freedom of Speech? Does the fact that it’s an international site negate those rights?

      The frivolity of the e-mails is funny…very good response. Life’s short, laugh hard! I think Andrew just has callouses in all the wrong spots and he was looking to get stroked some where else for a minute. Andrew, next time, use a better quality lotion…it’ll be okay. 😉

      • Shadow Sterks

        Maybe he’s just mad cuz his mail odered bride left him once she married him and gotten her citizenship. Now he’s on a russian bride ban rage on the interweb.

      • redneck

        It should be pretty obvious that the posts weren’t taken down by the responses from andrew. It’s a good thing this is a picture site. reading comprehension doesnt seem to be a strong point

        • LOL

          John says “posts have been removed per your request”…so bite me for your reading comprehension remark redneck. Please? LOL! 🙂

          But after doing a quick search for Mail order brides…sure enough redneck…all 6 galleries are still there. Whew…I’m glad John was just fucking with him. 😉

        • redneck

          twice after john says they were removed andrew replies that they were not. that should have been a hint that john was messing with him. since i figured this out without searching that means that all of the information is already supplied to you in the article. again, reading comprehension fail on your part.

      • Joe

        Im going to assume you are a troll to avoid the very painful facepalm I would have to administer if I took your comment seriously.

    • Andrew

      Why you hate on me, I am the self appointed internet watchdog, I trawl websites looking for things to complain about because I have no life and no friends, I cant move from this seat because I’m waiting on an appointment to get the large poker removed from my ass, I’m just trying to save the dignity of the ruskie money suckers out there…

    • dyno

      What a limp wristed faggot Andrew is. I hope he and others like him die and die quickly, this world will be much better off.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not like you’re whoring the brides out, just showing the funny/hot/whatever pictures. don’t worry, we’re not all fucking retarded zipperheads like andrew here. chive.on

  • timishue


    oh noes, don’t call the BBB! They might send a strongly worded email! or worse, they might do nothing at all 0_0

    great email exchange, its no 5 legged spider but I like.

  • FRance

    there is no face for how hard i’m rolling

  • xCharMx

    So this Andrew kid has no problem looking at chicks with nothing on but thongs and bikini’s but DOES have a thing against mail order brides? Looks like someone has a soft spot for these girls? He probably ordered one himself a long time ago but got left behind after she realized how sad and boring his life was … after all he is an accountant (and from seeing how demanding he is … he also probably got screwed over a couple of times on the promotion area).

  • Irwin109

    Some people! It degrades women…Well isn’t it women doing it? So really women degrade women…

    That guy is such a douche-nugget!

  • Gabriel

    This guy has problably a social issue / is gay.
    This is optional for you to see, so why bother guy?

    • Jamie

      Why he would be gay? Dumbass.

  • Adam

    These girls dream of a life where they do not have to wait in lines for bread. If wearing these costumes helps them fulfill these dreams, then I say wear them!

  • Camel Joe

    what, you gonna sue pornsites next time? you read the bible fuckface? you a nazi? cos i hate gay nazi bible people.

  • MoD

    Some people are just plain stupid. What happened to the good old ‘if it offends me I won’t watch it’?

  • Big Bob

    Well, the Chive is still here so I guess Andrew’s little complaint to the BBB didn’t do a whole helluva lot. Are any of us surprised? I’m betting his email to the BBB is doing exactly what it did here…being shown to everyone for a good laugh.

    It’s really too bad you didn’t “accidentally” show his email address. We all could have had some fun with that one! Maybe you should include a disclaimer – “any emails sent to the Chive may be posted, in their entirety, for all to see!”

  • Jeff

    HA! What a douche.

  • not Andrew

    Well, I’m certain the BBB will be happy to take the complaint– he simply needs to fill out the form. You know, the one where he describes the nature of the business (free internet website), the kind of goods/services received (free images, voluntarily viewed), the nature of the complaint (ME NO LIEK!!1!!), and the resolution he desires (stop making me voluntarily surf here and view hot girls!).

    Ok, no… actually, the BBB won’t care.

  • Natalie

    Haha, geez, talk about a stick up his ass.

  • Sato

    Some people just dont have nothing to do…

  • manolo

    hey andrew,

    you fucking pussy. may you have a heart attack, die in pain, and that no one will attend your funeral. you fucking loser. i enjoy douchebags more than people like you. god you must suck cock for happiness.

  • sam

    john, ur my hero!

  • Robert

    Andrew is such a chicken that he would never answer to anything that we write here.. (To bad)

    People must have such easy life´s when they have time to get upset about nothing.

    / Long Live TheChive

  • Kevin

    I think Andrew is one of those that think they are better than the others or worse, that they are gods. 😐

  • Mitchell

    Hahaha, nice work John.
    You should facebook check his email address and post his pictures all over the net >_<

  • dlq


  • Rich

    At least he’s very prompt!

  • Dlaka

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Andrew too many swine flu vaccination is hazardous to brain.

  • madman

    Why not email his boss and tel him that Andrew is looking for mailorderbrides on companytime!

    • Jessica

      Win! i hope he does that.

    • HellHathNoFury

      This is the best idea ever!!!! Plus, alot of The chive’s posts are NSFW *win for the Chive* so i would LOVE Andrew’s boss to hear about this.

  • Cooler

    Do u get the feeling that Andrew is disappointeg with his choice of a mail order bride & has since found out that he really lucked out with the ugly one who is unable to wear the chain mail & does not like WoW.

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