• Anonymous 2

    You are all (with the exception of a small handfull of people) industrial strength morons. Can you not SMELL the TROLL here? 100% Shenanigans, and you all eat it up.

    *epic facepalm*

  • Verona

    Go Andrew! Eff that guy and the his personal opinion! You have freedom of the post, and mail order brides are real so he can go and jump off a cliff without a cord.

  • anon


  • Mavs

    I don’t think I’ve seen so many comments on a chive post in …. forever! ROFLMAO!

  • peter baker

    this is so fucking priceless

  • Stu Pidaso

    Dudes, don’t hate on Andrew! He’s just defending the sanctity of ordering pets you can fuck online.

    I mean Mailorder marriage.

  • Insert Name Here

    Where can I get in touch with some of these so called “mail order brides”…?

  • bryainiac

    what an asshole that guy is, i hope he suffocates later tonight.

  • Jonathan Passow

    Wow! Almost 100 comments! EPIC post is EPIC!

  • Ron

    I bet Andrew was viewing The Chive and emailing while at work, thus stealing time from his employer.


    I am really upset I have to share air with that STUPID C*NT
    I hope her vibrator breaks. I bet her guy (if she has one) is completely whipped
    F*CK that b*tch please give me her personal information
    (I dont actually intend on anything)

  • Andrew

    I seriously recommend removing all images pertaining to mail order brides. I will not have one of my wives oogled by perverts on the internet for your financial gain!
    The authorities have been notified and I will be engaging in a civil dispute as well if you do not comply.


  • boneman

    that was the funniest post of thread I have ever seen!
    (and brother, I haven’t seen many! But this is the funniest yet!)

  • Graz

    I’m happy to see that this site hasn’t been removed. Do you think that the Great and Powerful better business bureau would cut The Chive some slack? “…strike three and more”? Is that like strike four or is it something else that comes after three? Oh and could someone direct me to the “mail order related paraphernalia”? I’d like to see if I can find a Russian Mail Order Bride beer coozy.Or maybe a mouse pad.

  • Cha Cha

    I so hope there is an update to this. Love it.

  • Mr. Quackers

    I heart Chive……

  • Annie N. Onymouse

    Bonus points applied for turning browsing into buying.

  • Quarius

    This andrew guys is a total fuck head, he can shove his accounting job up his ass, motherF*****!!!!!

  • Rupis Frickendildobegynormous


    Your comments were hilarious and very entertaining. You should know better than to threaten others with such bullying tactics as the BBB. There are far better ways to communicate with people and… oh hey, how is your companies team spirit since you moved the desks to face the window? Did you go with lavender blush or blanched almond? I’d say lavender sure seems like the obvious choice for someone who needs to relax more. Maybe paris hilton pink would be even better!

  • Coleman

    Suck it Andy!

  • Anonymous

    I didnt know an ad for mail order brides infringed on that persons life. maybe someone pissed in that persons fruit loops that day & mail order bride ads were the first thing to be attacked.

  • ladyguitarstar

    Had to leave a comment since so many others did.

    That is all.

  • Marda

    F**k Andrew the accounting clerk!

  • hi

    Chive is trying to copy david thorne……..lame

  • Scott

    Haa Haa..
    Why doers he just not find another site to look at…
    Lame’o haters…
    Go Andy fight the good fight..

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