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  • aaron

    the chick from the little giants is a pornstar. The colored woman with the flys around her bum is from a website called n*ggermania.com, it is a pretty racist website to say the least. I like seeing all these half wits from florida and the south dealing with freezing weather.

  • Smitty


    You from the north I take it? I hope you get a heat wave over the Summer this year. I like seeing all those halfwits up north dealing with heat.

  • Georgie

    the flies swarming the woman’s ass. again, the flies swarming the woman’s ass

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    Smitty, I live up north (Illinois). I have co=-workers who are recent immigrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) which is a tropical jungle situated on the Equator in Africa. *THEY’VE* bitched about how hot our summers are!

    We were having a good laugh in the breakroom at work watching you folks in the South trying (and laughably failing) to drive in ice & snow.

    • Zooks

      I worked in the DRC for 7 months, and the climate is arid (even with rain), not tropical. The rainy season is just straight up pouring rain for 3 or 4 months, and the dry season is extremely dry and dusty. You may think that the Congo is hot, being in central Africa but highs reach only ~32 C, and nights/mornings are very cold. I’m Canadian so I know how it feels to be cold, trust me. =]

  • AlishaB

    I’m sorry.. but do any of you really give a fuck about the weather? I’m from Michigan. It snows and it gets really hot sometimes. I don’t care what the fuck happens where you live… just sayin boys ; )

  • AlishaB

    … and that storm trooper sure has some nice titties.

    • huh

      That’s why the Empire was so big on cloning.

      • AlishaB

        She makes me want to be a bigger titted woman.

        • Joness

          She makes me want you to be a bigger titted women too.

  • YesYes

    Little Giants’ bitch? Yeah. My dick in her ass.

  • Ash

    Since when is a VW a luxury car.

    • Faust

      That’s what I’m sayin…How do you count a VW and a Chev S10 Blazer as “luxury”? Even the Porche looks old.

  • ladyguitarstar

    thats really disgusting, the flies.

    • isawoj

      Is it similar to a dog going straight for a woman’s crotch?

  • HellHathNoFury

    You guys are really talking about the weather? No, internet fighting about the weather? On the Chive?! There is so much awesome in this post, and you’re seriously. talking. about. the .weather.

    • Alishaab


  • Anonymous

    we need to be talking about that gay little boy in the last picture. wait, was there a little boy in the last picture? i didn’t notice

  • Mustafa_Beer

    To the best of my knowlege, the chick from Little Giants is Shawna Waldron. She is not a porn star, but did a “scene” in a B movie called Poison Ivy. That does not stop me from having impure thoughts about her. ” IceChest”!

  • Steve

    She was also Michael Douglas’ daugher in American President..

    • Ken

      THATS why she is familiar. Good catch by Steve.

      Lord of the Flies…Dagger in my brain. Ugh.

  • Brandon

    Thank god the girl on the left in the swimwear pic dressed very, very humbly to that party.

  • BillyBlaze

    Icebox would turn out to be a fitting name for that girl

  • http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000498406848 bryainiac

    the super sperm one was too fucking funny

  • mr. stuff

    pic #2…find the chick on the right!

  • Thom

    I think we can stop with the flies on the ass crack picture. Enough already!

  • whatname?

    #1, how does a early 90's porsche, a late 80's golf cabrio and jeep cherokee = luxury cars? maybe the golf, but the other 2? c'mon!

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