Eject! Eject! (10 photos)

a ejection seat 01 Eject! Eject! (10 photos)

  • Ken

    Ejecting looks only slightly more appealing than going down with the plane.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I think no matter how much training you’ve had, the reality of either ejecting that close to the ground or certain death would just be too much.

  • Phil

    apparently it’s very common to pass out upon ejecting. as well as having your spinal cord compressed. not cool.

    • Jjj

      usually goes back to normal after a month or two

  • Holliday

    I think I would rather have my spinal cord compressed versus my WHOLE BODY.

  • jozef

    lot of people died in this post

    • LOL

      Yes. In the 3rd picture especially. 😥 Bummer chive. This is why I don’t go to air shows. It’s thrilling to watch them soar though…has to be a huge adrenaline rush!

  • tr45h

    i know a guy that was a pilot and on one of the flights the wheels of the plane would not open… they told him to eject imidiatly… but he was like fuck it i ain’t messin up my spine and he landed a plane without the wheels… epic…

  • Tec

    #2 Poland, after '89.

  • Kyle

    I've read that the fatality rate for ejecting is 25%.
    You can strike part of the plane, be injured by the force of ejecting or by the blast of high speed air, various mechanical failures in the ejection equipment, parachute failure or landing in an inopportune place. Getting tangled up in the chute and drowning when landing in the water, especially if injured, is a significant hazard.
    Still better than the almost 100% fatality rate of staying in the plane in an ejection situation.

  • Adam

    RIP Goose

  • Kenny

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  • Harvey Wimppleman

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  • Alieen

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  • Daywalker

    #10 Captain Chris Stricklin Idaho Airshow September 14, 2003

  • Danny

    Most of the those aircraft were Russian built

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