Mail-order brides are mostly perfect but they have their off days (20 Photos)

mail order weirdlead Mail order brides are mostly perfect but they have their off days (20 Photos)

I’m sure our new friend Andrew will be infuriated by this new round of mail-order madness. Oh well. If you actually want to fantasy shop, click here.

  • ProudlySA

    So now Andrew is a celebrity, awesome!
    but seriously, im going shopping in Russia, for that furry pink bikini

  • Zaggy

    Andrew is probably hatching a scheme to bomb the chive with the help of al-qaeda lol! i bet those fanatics will want to order some of these babes for themselves. Andrew is a jack ass thats all! Way to go Chive! Keep ’em comin’

  • Cha Cha

    Andrew, the whole internet is depending on you. Where is your outraged reply to this?

  • yeahsure

    The one with the wheels and chain made me laugh,what the hell does she plan to do with that shit?!

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  • redhatsociety

    whats wrong with the third one? she looks normal

  • Guest

    why are most slavic women portrayed so cheaply? i used to live in the middle east and it was brimming with russian, ukrainian, and romanian prostitutes. I kind of felt bad for them but is this like a worldwide thing? they're notorious for being easy and cheap. i dont think that they are happy being like this, probably forced to because of poverty.

  • Bichen

    Not sure why The Chive keeps promoting unless they are getting paid copious amounts of cash. That site is a full scale scam and there are plenty of places that will tell you that.

  • iceecolagurl

    Cat suit girl has some super hairy legs!

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