They should rename Facebook, Bodybook (24 photos)

a hot facebook girls 181 They should rename Facebook, Bodybook (24 photos) did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. All pics submitted by users and no guarantee any of these photos are actually on Facebook -but seriously, who cares if they are or not, they are hot as hell.
Do you have a hot Facebook friend? If so, it is a matter of national security that you email all hot pics to: thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Do it for your country.

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  • Can Öktem

    #2 lacks a bellybutton.

  • thetommynews

    #1 is my kind of party. Very tasty.

  • trevor


  • scottyboy1612

    #2. Hans Goin So Low

  • CowboyTY

    well chive you did an outstanding job finding a bunch of good looking girls… I take off my hat to you

  • Matt

    #24 NO duckface, please. However, I would.

  • george

    #6 in the blue, FInd Her!!!!!

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