This seems like a fantastic time to go ice stomping (6 Photos)

lead stomp ice This seems like a fantastic time to go ice stomping (6 Photos)

So this kid in Canoe Lake, England is an idiot I guess. His friends dared him walk out on the thin ice then stomp on the ice as hard as he could. So jackass here goes full-retard, starts stomping his brains out… and falls right though. What you don’t see is all the ice breaking up and the 30 minutes it took the retard to swim to shore. One witness summed it up best, “I couldn’t believe what I was watching.”

Photos from izismile via dailymail [dot] co [dot] uk

  • lacy

    cute kid, now i know why tigers eat their young

    • Jonathan Passow

      Because they’re tasty?

  • dlq

    guess he’s lucky it wasnt deep or he’d be dead

  • fortune favors

    i like this kid

  • Mat

    I’m sure thats the lake in portsmouth / Southsea! down the road from me. can anyone confirm?

  • N2kU

    i like the kid~

  • vennexx

    Poster child for abortion!

  • Kirby

    Mat i’d have to agree I think that is Southsea

    • Mat

      I thought so! defo southsea

      • Squelch

        Aye 100% Canoe Lake – I saw the little shit do it. Pikeys spent nearly the whole week trying to smash the ice.

  • orland

    just jump up and down until you die, k?

  • Rudeboi

    The nominee for the 2010 Darwin Award.

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