Chicks in jerseys are hotter than real athletes -just statin the obvious (17 photos)

a girls jerseys 41 Chicks in jerseys are hotter than real athletes  just statin the obvious (17 photos)

  • aaron

    whats with those hideous canadiens jerseys, HABS SUCK.

    • habsfanx

      wtf? u suck HABS RULE moth@F#ck’$ plus i wonder for what team u cheering for hope it aint the leafs or sens

    • Shadow Sterks

      Must be a fucking leafs fan. Always notice the less important stuff first. Retard.

      • Shadow Sterks

        Fanx you were faster hahaha great minds think alike.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      WTF is a Canade?

  • Yo Mama

    What jerseys? There were jerseys in those pictures? Must have missed them….

  • BillyBlaze

    Pink jerseys are not allowed

    • Big Bob

      There’s nothing wrong with pink BillyBlaze. After looking at these ladies, pink is the only color I’m thinking about…

  • Dreamy

    Chive, you made my day 🙂

  • poopy head

    Laffin at deflated football in pic 2…

  • vitorla

    except when they wear eagles jerseys, because that’s just gay. Chicks in NHL jerseys = boner time for grandpa.

  • Ash

    Misa Campo ftw

  • mallysann

    What a bunch of skanks. None of these chicks like football.

    • gymini03

      i am one of those girls…and i cant speak for the others but i love football, i am a sports nutritionist specializing in football athletes, i come from three generations of talented football players, and my dad is the best defense coach around! dont judge!

  • Boutros

    Too bad for the Manning jersey chick on the tramp stamp. Really bad.

  • Adam

    HAHA the Tech Girls went to my high school, what a weird thing to find them on the web. Yall look great.

  • socket2me

    Canadiens represent !

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