Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

random big dog Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

  • chiver

    I’m with coco, too.

    • huh

      I don’t get the Coco reference. I know the situation with Conan, but what’s the deal with the name Coco?

  • LOL

    Beach picture…I SO want to go there…photoshop faces in the water or not…I’m going.

    • MissChris

      Holy crap – I didn’t even see that face in the water the first time! But yea, I’ll see you there cuz that place looks amazing.

  • http://ruminations.com/hellhathnofury HellHathNoFury

    I battered a chicken leg. I was wrong. I apologize.

  • Kellie

    God Bless you CoCo. We all love you, no matter what bullshit NBC decides to do.

  • top dog

    The drinking lobster is funny.

  • P-90

    Tornado fly by FTW.

  • B

    I am dying to know more about the girl with the mustache tattoo

  • Ken

    I think the Island resort is in the Muldives. Didn’t we have a set from that resort on the Chive?

    “Blind Child Area” = LOL

    Restroom sign for well hung porn stars?

  • shockresistant

    i’m guessing the tattoed lady likes star wars. i mean really likes star wars.

  • ozzie

    The lobster kicks ass.they should make a portrait of all lobsters like the dogs playing poker

  • Megarath

    Finger-stache rides, five cents!

  • joe

    pic #3 is the chick from big brother

  • RandoDude

    Wat kind of dog is that on #1

  • pleas


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