• HellHathNoFury

    So, that's why she's fat and has bruises. Family issues, obviously.

    • Sylwia

      man i can make that much faster and easeir than it takes to drive through traffic across town, get parked in a busy lot and go through busy lineups at a busy store any day. good for anyone who has stuff kickin around to work with.

  • BillyBlaze

    Did anybody else hear the banjos?

    • www2

      “Did anybody else hear the banjos?”

      A comment of the year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Shadow Sterks

        And some good old moonshine.WARNING, you may experience problems calculating your family tree and end up fucking your 14th generation cousin.

    • Houria

      Francois, first off, thanks for your cmenomt. I’m not sure we deserve any kudos yet or perhaps that’s just superstition on my part, holding my breath to see if the world really maybe can become a better place next week. But I know my life has been made better, both by the connections I’ve made out here in bloggerland and by the at least partial satisfaction of my desperate need to communicate some small subset of the chaos in my brain. I needed to make something. I needed it to be made of words. And I needed SOMEBODY to read it. And all of this the technotinkering, the new friends and colleagues, and the ability to publish small snippets of thought and then let them go drifting on toward their inevitable obsolescence all of this has made my world better.There’s a milestone in all of this, as well, which is what’s making me take a turn toward the elegiac: your cmenomt, Francois, is number 1000. So yes: let a million fishbowls bloom, and let a thousand conversations begin therein.Thanks. To all of you.

  • Robert

    these are the kind of people that grow up in small towns and never leave. also, gross

    • Matt

      ahhhhhh nasty!!!!!!!

  • Forrester


  • Sticks

    14 generations apart is NOT in your family so I say it’s not incest.

    • HellHathNoFury

      He’s obviously lying about being 14 times removed. There is absolutely no likelihood whatsoever of your parents’ siblings’ siblings children *follow?* marrying someone with the same last name, and even more unlikely if it’s further removed than that. Unless your last name is Johnson or Smith. Even I, coming from a giant Jewish family where everyone has eleventy siblings and children, no one has married anyone with the same last name. this guy knows what he’s doing is gross, so he’s lying about it.

      • Anonymous

        Hooray! Another post with HHNF talking about herself as if everyone else should care. Gag.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Hooray! another Anonymous loser with no self-confidence who follows me! *blush*

          • Imonfyre

            it could be that he stumbled upon a cousin that is on a completely different limb almost, and was propagated down on the male side of the family only….

          • Anonymous

            “Follow you”? You always have some obnoxious story that relates everything to you. I’m looking at Chive posts, not following you specifically. Self-centered much?

          • not anonymous, just not registered

            Go die in a hole HHNF. Nobody follows you and nobody cares about your large Jewish family. That is the least interesting story I have ever suffered through. And please put a dead raccoon or something as your avatar as it would be better than your ugly head. Thank you.

        • Anonymous

          HHNF is one conceited annoying skank that needs to learn to think before she types.
          I come to read the comments because some people say some witty funny things or if I want to if there’s a story behind a pic but then scroll down and see HHNF writing yet another autobiography about how EVENTFUL and COMPLICATED her life is.
          I am sick of this.
          And her narcissistic avatar.

      • Borg

        Erm theres no likelihood of someone 14 times removed having the same surname…. :\
        People marrying others with the same surname is gross? :\
        Someone should tell that to all the Shahs and Patels in this world then…

        • Anonymous

          hhnf gives chivers a bad name. just because you express yourself certainly more fluently than most care to online, that doesn’t make you intelligent; the shit you type shows people just how much of a stupid bitch you are. you type ignorant callous crap that isn’t even borderline humorous or novel and no one gives a shit about all of the facts you spew about yourself on here. no one asked and we’re trying to tell you we don’t give 2 shits. you’re so full of yourself and “knowing” you as you display yourself online we cannot fathom why you would be
          also, you’re not one to call other people fat. we’ve seen your pictures

          • HellHathNoFury

            Oh. my. god. I was insulted on teh webz! I think I’ll go to therapy and cry.

            • Anonymous

              it wouldn’t be hard to touch your daughter with how much you put yourself out there

            • Anonymous

              grossssssss but hes right u talk about urself 2 much ur a mom?

            • Anonymous

              Actually, if you need a ride to therapy, call a helicopter or a freight plane onto that airstrip you call a forehead. LOL I thought jewish people had big noses, but goddamn, you could start selling land on that thing. hahaha

              Self-Esteem issues much? hell hath no fury like the spawn of a jew and blockhead from gumby.

          • Joey

            She does name is Ally lives in Bremerton took me 6 minutes stalker award goes to me

            • blueberryvoodoo

              you guys are fucking disgusting, that’s someone’s daughter

            • Anonymous

              i didnt mean like that yall are gross lololol my bad hhnf

            • HellHathNoFury

              And if anyone touches my daughter, I’ll fucking gut them. I’ve already served time for defending my baby, and I’m not afraid to do it again.

            • HellHathNoFury

              I don’t see how you figure that, since I have no Facebook or Myspace. Fail.

            • Anonymous

              it’s not a fail if it’s true, and you apparently don’t need a myspace or facebook to give out all of your information online to put your daughter in jeopardy for pissing off people how lack just enough life to track you down. the only fail is you as a mother

      • ladyguitarstar

        I’m counting 6 jealous fat bitches already HHNF.

        So she can relate to some of the posts, and comments on this. So what? Why the hell are so many anon people ganging up on her?

        • Anonymous

          I’m neither jealous, fat, nor a bitch. I’m relating the fact that HHNF is a self-centered, obnoxious, attention-whore. So what? But apparently only her opinion matters. You two make a cute couple.

          • ladyguitarstar

            Oh i see what you did there. Good one. /insert sarcasm/

            Whats the point on leaving a comment if not to express your opinion? Hers isnt the only one that matters, by far. In fact ,some of her comments annoy me as well. But what the hell is the point? I shouldve stayed out of it, I just didnt get why everyone was ganging up on her.

            /steps off soapbox/

          • ladyguitarstar

            Oh, and your comments demonstrate your jealousy and bitchiness. Im willing to go out on a limb and say your probably fat too. but its ok, really. Just keep chiving, and ignore your obvious obsession with a chick on the internet. (HHNF)

            like the old saying goes, an internet war is like being in the special olympics. You might win but youre still retarded. 😉


            • Anonymous

              Shouldn’t you have started that with “/steps back on soapbox after sufficient time has past to think up more lame rebuttals/” Don’t say you’re done if you’re not. Now you just look dumb(er).

            • HellHathNoFury

              See, this is why I love and respect you. you’re not afraid to tell me that I drive you nuts, but you aren’t a bitch about it. Oh, to be more like you….

  • Peru

    oh dear god no

  • Brandon

    His parents named him Merlin – what did you expect?

  • Fats-T

    Hey now, if webbed toes is this guys thing let him alone! LOL! This is actually a pretty good fail!

  • Big Bob

    Look at it this way…they have a lot in common to talk about!

  • goposaur

    Touching. That is, if they have a kid, his eyeballs will touch.

  • Dreamy

    the pic alone is fail in a really pathethic way that almost makes feel sorry for them.

  • Anonymous

    kid looks like a fuckin’ emo, fuck him.

    • Lionhearte

      he doesn’t really look like an emo, but he looks like a fag.

      so still, fuck him.

      • wowzers112

        lets just say emofag and call it a day

  • Ken

    “…eyeballs will touch” “hear the banjos” LOL!

  • Anonymous

    maybe he/she’s adopted?

  • jeneeee

    -_- dude.. i think she jsut put that because she expects them to get married. duhhh

  • John

    I bet they are Mormons that are 3rd cousins. Here where I live you see that a lot. In my home town I know 2 couples that married that were 3rd cousins. Not far enough for me yuck.

  • dooba

    anybody else think that the kid might be joking?

    disregard that; the interwebs are serious business

  • P-90

    Will we soon hear the pitter patter of crazy-assed webbed feet.

  • Anonymous

    Wow the people who have arguments on this shit are pretty cool

  • mook

    You people are as mook has stated before, retards. This can be faked, and it most likely is. Plus who gives a damn.


    Fuck thats hot, real or not. im rappin im rappin im rapp rapp rappin im rappin rape RAPE RAPE RAPE PARE RAPE RAPE PARE PARE RAPE

  • Regina

    SELF RELIANCE!!!…get one

  • ozzie

    are you guys still on HHNF’s balls?Cause I bet she’s having a ball pissing you guys off. She’d probably head-butt you pussies with her “big” forehead.

  • boagrius_meat


  • Lana

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