Soooo, you got wasted (20 Photos)

lead drunk roof Soooo, you got wasted (20 Photos)

  • BillyBlaze

    That chick on the sheriff’s car is really flat

    • Jaime

      Its a guy obvs *-)

  • Ken

    That’s no way for a Sheriff to behave, He’s out of uniform. Head phones on the job are strictly prohibited.

    Labs can’t hold their alcohol.

  • Jon

    The guy with the guitar looks like steve-o. Am I just seeing things?

  • confused

    When will these people learn not to fall asleep with friends around

  • top dog

    This ain’t drunk, theres gotta be a new name for this….awwww, sh-t faced, and plastered comes to mind, wasted is another one, or just plain ridicules.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Holy crap, Matt. Your cover is blown. I might just have to forward this to your dear sweet girlfriend.

  • Nightstalker

    Girls doing Kegstands rule….!!!

  • Ron Burgundy

    cmon the irish

  • tommybhoy

    Puts me in the mood for a drink…………

  • Shadow Sterks

    Shit that dude on the sherrif’s SUV is golden hahahaha.

  • Butthorn

    […] (Walyou) The Road To Avatar (ScreenJunkies) The New York Beer Tour (MadeMan) So You Got Wasted (TheChive) The Viral Ice Wipeout (TooShocking) We now have a (facebook) and (twitter) page please friend and […]

  • Regina

    wasted + markers + loser friends = GET A NEW CREW!!!!

  • Dr Wasted

    LMAO, great pics. Just started a site dedicated to wasted friends. Check out and feel free to upload your own pics.

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