Cute girl, crippling disorder (12 Photos)

same pose lead Cute girl, crippling disorder (12 Photos)

Chronic same-pose disorder affects over a million girls in the US annually. Call your local congressman and get the word out. These girls shouldn’t have to endure these involuntary contortions like this with cameras around. Help is on the way…

  • confused

    why cant she keep her tongue in her face

    • sock puppet

      You know how your mother always told you not to cross your eyes or one day they’d stay that way? It’s the same thing here except that this girl has had one too many d!cks in her mouth.

      • poop

        haha! lol

        • mook

          I think you have it backwards.

          She is like this because there is no dick in her mouth, or she is advertising for one.

  • k

    We get it, you have a tongue ring.

    • aquarius11

      Might as well get a tattoo on her forehead that says: I SUCK DICK!

  • ChrisDG74

    Chronic Same-Face Pose disorder. No one is safe.

  • yeahsure

    Why are all the pretty ones mentally compromised? 😦

    • Laura

      I have never heard it summed up so perfectly. Kudos to you sir.

      • mook

        Summed up? Ar you retarded?

        It has always been Hot = Crazy

  • Lang

    Sorry – she isn’t all that.

    • Insert Name Here

      I concur….

  • Brandon

    I’d hit it

    • ChrisDG74

      With a baseball bat.

      • Anonymous

        haha high-larious

  • LOL

    She really likes her tongue…now that’s hot…y’all know what she could do to a man with that tongue stud? Don’t hurt yourselves thinking about it…:D Happy Friday! LOL

    • LOL

      I almost hurt myself thinking…I wonder what she could do to a woman with that tongue stud for that matter…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! REALLY happy Friday to all ya Chivers. 😀 LMAOOOO!!

      • Shadow Sterks

        That’s it hahaha. All i could think of is nice long tongue for the twat and a nice piercing for the shaft. I bet 100$ she would be down for a threesome any day.

  • at work

    sorry, she’s not cute at all

  • Alan

    I’d fuck her

    • RaraAvis

      I suspect you’d fuck anything, dude.

  • Bill

    If I had a little ball tickler on my tongue I’d want to show it all the time too.

  • Yo Mama

    Chronic “Im a dumbass (but really hot)” pose…

  • shockresistant

    i know of one other animal that constantly has its tongue out. an thats a dog.

  • getbig

    not cute? really?…..

  • vennexx


  • billthewelder

    There is a cure for this particular disorder, once the afflicted goes into the position a sudden and powerful upper cut is applied to the lower jaw forcing it up at a fast ascent at which point it makes contact with the upper jaw or mandible severing the tongue which is the root cause of this form of same pose disorder.

  • aaron

    does noone else see that she is drinking in a car and in the drivers seat, I have seen a number of girls with pictures like this, and its shameful

    • Crabbieguy

      No your not the only one to notice. But in some small towns the girls will sleep with cops then they don’t get in trouble (sad but true).

  • ozzie

    I’d tag her but if she wants to take a picture with me i’ll knock her teeth out lol.

  • matt

    if the car was moving, uncapped liquor is illegal

    • mook

      Next time you try to bullshit your way into internet blogging coolness try reading what you write. It doesn’t even have to be uncapped in the car, if you’re past the limit and in your car with your keys accessible you are breaking the law, let alone having a bottle, or even a open bottle. It is called DUI, DWI, etc.

  • vitorla

    *click, click, click*…..”Aw shiiit there go my incisors”

  • bryainiac

    she is honestly very very pretty

  • Nightstalker

    Joker Photobomb in number 8 … FTW!!!

  • Megarath

    Lick too much quim and your tongue gets stuck like that.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Oh feck.

  • Enrique Estrada

    holy shit, she’s drinkin “bacardi blanco” (white) probably the first cause of blindess in mexico. cheapest drink in the menu, but it taste like fermented crap.

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  • Dikano

    Oh, my … the next generation is fucked.

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