Cute girl, crippling disorder (12 Photos)

same pose lead Cute girl, crippling disorder (12 Photos)

Chronic same-pose disorder affects over a million girls in the US annually. Call your local congressman and get the word out. These girls shouldn’t have to endure these involuntary contortions like this with cameras around. Help is on the way…

  • popshots

    i dunno, makes for a pretty good target imho

  • forge

    Blecch. She probably isn’t even that good at fellatio. Honey, we know you have a pierced tongue, now get it in your mouth and keep it there ’til it’s needed. Cripes.

  • Tiffany

    You all are such freaking haters! Dammit she is hot stop talking shit.

  • Dude

    So what does her tramp stamp say? She has to have one!!!!

  • ritesofromance

    some idiot told her it was cute one, and she ran with it. One day she’ll fall and bite it off.

  • paul wall

    There is nothing I love more than the feeling of cold steel on my hot rod

  • D

    People, people………cut her some slack; she’s obviously retarded.

  • top dog

    “If a girl has a pierced tongue she’ll probably suck your d–k” I love girls with pierced tongues.

  • jackhoffer

    cum goes there…

  • AtomManhattan

    It's referred to as 'tardive dyskenesia'.

  • TX Girl

    Oh…so she has her tongue pierced? How very 1998.


    just another instance of when a lady ruins a photo by making a stupid face when a simple smile would make her look smoking hot! Its ok for them to make funny faces every once in a while but every one?? why ruin a pretty face?

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