Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

hot lead images Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

  • IDr

    who are the chicks in lead photo. famous right?

    • Big Bob

      Christy Brinkley and Brooke Shields

  • porter

    looks like christy brinkley. (sp?)

  • racer

    it’s one thing to rest a beer on your stomach but a liquor bottle is just awesome

  • Me

    the one on the right in lead photo looks like Brooke Shields, im willing to bet it is.

  • Ken

    Ugliest tattoo ever. I was thinking it looked just like Linda Blair in the Exorcist only to scroll down and see a pic with the book. Weird.

    What blew out the hole in the building?

    Sunglasses….check. Parrot…..check. Assault rifle….check. Now we’re ready for the family portrait!

    Nice to see a shot with a young child actually being kind to an animal for a change.

    • huh

      Well, she isn’t really being too nice to the kitty. She’s trying to suck it’s brains out through the back of it’s head.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Her cheeks are all puffed out. She’s obviously trying to inflate it.

        • ladyguitarstar

          made me lawl, thanks 😀

        • Herro

          LOL omg HHNF is so hilarious, so witty hahaha, hilarious……………….

    • Anonymous

      that women had hair

  • P-90

    I’d love to know the story behind the hole in that building. (I’m thinking it’s probably not ‘HULK SMASH!’ right?)

    • Ueichen

      something tells me it’s the koolaid man

      • Travis

        OH YEAHHH!!!

        If it wasn’t The Kool Aid man it had to have been Chuck Norris. Seriously.

    • shadowtag

      I’m almost certain I’ve seen a similar image of Superman punching Iron Man through it.

  • Dingo

    naw it was caused by someone first yelling “i’m a firing my lazer” then soon after they fired it….

  • HellHathNoFury

    Just jump on that Koopa a few times, he’ll go away.

    • Herro

      thats actually bowser holding the sign, not a koopa troopa.

  • Fats-T

    That dude and the mattress just creeped me the hell out…. WTF?

  • ladyguitarstar

    Lady GaGa is so weird, did you see how she dressed to meet the queen of england? i wish she’d go away.

    • Anonymous

      no way gaga’s music is hot she’s great to work out to not that you’d know about that

  • norm

    Ecch, Lady Blahblah doesn’t belong in these pics…at all.

  • w3rw0lf

    That Asian girl ist Hotalicious!

    • habsfanx

      As to be the hottest asian girl EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! who is she … me want to know NOW!!!!! please 🙂

  • James Taylor

    The girl next to the really terrible tattoo is that kid who had the rage/emotional issues who grabbed her old man’s car when he forbade her using it… and within minutes lost control of it and plowed it into a toll booth; the pictures – in all their horrifying glory – can still be found on-line. Pretty horrible accident resulting from a pretty silly youthful fit of anger at your old man. Pretty sad, too, to end up as the world’s worst tattoo. Kinda insult to, um, injury, ya ask me.

  • MissChris

    How interesting that they posted that sad ad about the meth addicted prostitute, and just below it is a picture of a skinny chick taking slutty pics of herself for the internet…

  • shockresistant

    Dear interblog,
    today i sat on a girls bed. i pooped myself. photo follows


  • KB

    I love this site, but you should probably take # 26 down, that is in REALLY bad taste…

    • Jake

      Fuck you. The promise of good taste is promised where by The Chive?

  • ozzie

    nice blog,the asian chick can get it.That mannequin would get it if she was real lol

  • kp

    I thought the same thing MissChris

  • equalizermax

    Last Pic: In Meth, it's possible!

  • Somasundaram

    Ha ha ha never looked at it that way HHNF. In case anonye else looking at this post is wondering, Spyker is made in the netherlands and is their version of ferrari and lamborghini. I didn’t know SAAB and Spyker were merging but hopefully it will bring excitement to SAAB. Here in america, SAAB is for hippies

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