Fat models. (7 photos)

a curvy models 6 Fat models. (7 photos)

  • Anonymous

    As if these women are fat!

    • fgd

      they are idiot

  • Anonymous

    they're fat, no matter how much makeup they put on, they're fat

    • Mellanita

      you’re an IDIOT.

    • katie

      hey and your probably ugly, no matter how skinny you might be, your still ugly! especially on the inside anyways.

    • your mom

      At least they can change how they look. You'll always be ugly and alone.

  • Anonymous

    hell could corner the market on xxl, you go girl

    • HellHathNoFury

      Oh, look! A fat joke aimed at someone who’s clearly not fat! Clever.

  • Jordo

    They are fat fuck'en slobs! They make me sick! Put the 5 gal bucket of fried chicken down, and start running fatty. They are whats wrong with the world. Trying to say its ok to over eat, fill the land fills with fast food wrapers, and clog up toilets every where!

    Gage me! I would rather look at a cold shit in a dixie cup then these fat cows!

    • reallydifferent

      Dude you really need to go back and look at some paintings from the Renaissance. You’ll notice that the women in those paintings more closely resemble the women in these photographs than those rail thin anorexic things that society portrays as models.

      • P Hickey

        Renaissance women? It was only the fat rich ones that got painted back then. They were fat from sitting on their fat asses all day while the good looking skinny ones cleaned their houses and cooked their meals.

        • Warped

          That was the Renaissance…. A long time ago…. we do not look at women the same these days…. Your argument is invalid “reallydifferent”

          • Anonymous

            From the Renaissance to the turn of the 20th century, getting enough food to eat was a trial and starvation was actually a real issue for most western people. Women with a little fat on their bones were desirable because it was difficult for them to achieve. In the 20th century plentiful food became the norm, and thanks to a glut of meat, dairy, and hydrogenated vegetable oils and whatnot, putting on fat became easy. So skinny became desirable because it was more difficult for women to achieve. Male chauvinism and ownership of women is what it is.

            Men do not own women and have no right to say what women ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ look like.

            • Anonymous

              And by the way, theCHIVE, I’m a huge fan and everything, but shame on your for sorting this under ‘WTF’ as though there could be no explanation for these photos. I recognize some of the models from advertisements for Addition-Elle – a plus-size clothing store. These are models modeling plus-size clothes.

            • ohHAIthere

              I disagree in faulting men for this definition of beautiful or "hotness". Women subject themselves and surrounding women to the same ownership. Women make fun of other women for not looking the right way as well. They even project the same ideas of what women should look like independent of what men think. They have the choice to follow what is presented to them; albeit a difficult choice. People, not just women, have the right to say what should or shouldn't look like for themselves alone. A person is only allowed the opportunity to explain their decisions and not why their decision for looking a certain way is better than others.

              That being said, I totally agree with your comment on how the definition of beauty and desire for it is caused by the "want what you don't have" factor. Quite frankly it is a very strong idea resonating throughout the world, regardless of its destructive nature.

    • Lionhearte

      With a name like Jordo, I wouldn’t be surprised if you yourself weighed a metric ton, you fat ass.

      Anyways, I don’t particularly find fat women attractive, but that’s just my personal taste. These women are still beautiful, and aren’t actually “fat”, maybe chubby.

      The REAL problem is when women (OR men) weigh 300 pounds. It’s UNHEALTHY. There are dozens of diseases one could get being obese, so fuck looking attractive at that point, you need to get fucking HEALTHY. Since that’s what really matters.

      • Anonymous

        haha, i do like fat women. then you at least have something to grab on. am i wrong?

    • WTFurCouch

      You see some fat on a person and automatically assume that they eat a shit ton and then go on to say fast food wrappers are filling up the land fills. You're an idiot. "They are what's wrong with the world." Really? You're narrow minded view in life to what you've been spoon fed is what's wrong with the world. No one ever said it is okay to over eat by simply saying thick/chubby women are beautiful. To use your assuming logic: go back to fcukin your sister while your "pa" video tapes you. Because obviously you're an uneducated hick living in the bumfcuk of nowhere. That makes sense right? No? Case and point. Don't assume and open your mind up with some knowledge.

    • Thor Mannion

      YEAH, I remember being a shot-nosed little punk

    • Annabelle

      JORDO , you are a fuking bastered ,im a girl and I am 5'7" and 120lbs BUT i have lots of friends that look like the beautiful women in these pictures and if you think that you are gonna live a happy life while thinking this way about the female body , you are wrong! I know for a fact that if i meet a guy that thinks like you I will hate him because thin girls have FAT friends and one thing that girls cant stand is when guys try to make fun of their friends or hurt them in anyway, no matter what their size is…..You are just a jerk and I feel sorry for you because true beauty is judged by actions and you sir are hiddiouse in my eyes …..and you dont deserve any one of these girls in the pictures or any girl with a trully good heart . They are too good for you and you must learn to have some respect!

    • meriam

      you certainly hate yourself…and if u r wondering if i'm fat, well am not, at least from the out side. chill

    • your mother

      You're terrible. Women are meant to have a little meat on their bones due to preparing for pregnancy. How about YOU get off your fatass from that computer chair, put down the beer, and go fuck your dog. Asshole.

    • Bri

      you are a fucking idiot- you honestly don't know shit….you are probably an ugly ass bitch that no one wants to fuck…..

  • jinxadam

    They’re not fat. They’re just not thin. I’d still do them.

  • confused

    None of these are that fat there just normal size

    • Crystal

      HAH! Not fat? Seriously…………?!?!

      They are fat. Which unfortunately in our society today seems to be the norm…… You really can’t get around/deny their size. But they’re still beautiful.

  • Moose

    Uh dude, these girls are not fat?! They’re fucking hot.

    • Warped

      Yes, thy’re FAT and NOT hot at ALL!


      Yes they are fat. Far from being “hot.”

      Get some standards people…

      • Fuzzybeard2016

        You first!

  • Sarah

    I'm really surprised at the reactions from people. I expected all the comments to be about how fat they were, just based on how society is. I'm really amazed how many people said they were sexy. Proves not everyone likes a twig.

    • t-bone

      you're damn right. i even wish they where a bit more filled!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Where do I sign up? I could only pray that these girls have issues with their looks and need to find some comfort in a man who would degragate…I mean, support them many times a night!

  • Anonymous

    they’re awesome cause we normal guys still have a chance….

  • Alan

    These ladies are smokin! This is my favorite group of pics. I’d be #2 or #3’s personal slave.

  • top dog

    I can appreciate a big sexy woman, and these girls are SEXY!!! what I don’t like is a big woman with a fu-king attitude, and women with feet, and women with hammer toes, and……well, you get the point. That shit is a turn off.

    • top dog

      What I was trying to say was a woman with BIG feet.

  • KYPMbangi

    Hair + Wind = FTW

  • Mandy

    there not a healthy “normal” size but they do look damn good

  • Modran123

    Some of these chicks are chubby, but I’d still hit that shit.

  • Mr. Irony

    They are a little bigger, but not fat. Fat is the chick a few days ago with the shirt on that said, “Fart Loading” That’s fat.

  • JG

    Yes, they are not obese, but they are still overweight.

  • getbig

    id slam anyone of these broads, nothing wrong with being a little thick.

  • Jammer

    At least they look like women, and not walking skeletons.
    Pretty damn hot, too!

  • AndyT

    LOVES me some fat bitches

  • AC


  • kales

    Definitely large. There is a difference between “normal” and “thin” and “large” and “fat”.

    These girls are definitely on the “large” road, nearing the “fat” end of the scale.

    No thanks!
    (and gj Chive for getting a discussion-inducing topic)

    • ohHAIthere

      I agree with your scale o' fatness. I wouldn't be quick to pass on one or two of these women though. Haha, personal preferences.


    Modern society pisses me right off. Programmes telling us we are all becoming morbidly obese just so they can sell you some dumb ass diet and diet foods, at the same time fast foods and processed foods get cheaper and cheaper. People don’t know whether they are coming or going.

    As for modern man…don’t get me started. Masculinity has become a thing of the past, why the fuck should a man worry about his weight? Dumb little adverts telling us all to get ripped in 4 weeks, wtf. People need to learn how to live. We should all just eat, drink and be merry. Not that any of this matters anyway as by my calculations we have about 20 years left before its game over for this once beautiful planet of ours…our efforts to completely fuck up our ecosystem will soon come into fruition. Slightly off topic but fuck it.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!

      ….Except for the part about the world ending in 20 years.

      • SKYLINED

        Lol that’s just my opinion.

        Makes me wonder why I’m using energy saving lightbulbs when China openly expect to increase their coal usage by 400% within the next 10 years.

        By anyones calculations we are pretty much screwed.

        • Warped

          You’re a retard who listens to this BS about global warming and evolution…. this is the coldest winter we’ve had in years… how’s that workin for ya. And it is important to stay in shape and take care of your body, quit being a lazy bitch. Have some self worth!

          • Anonymous

            The fact that winter is cold has no relation to the gradual warming of the whole planet.

            The BMI was invented so that health insurance companies could deny coverage to even more people.

            When real women put aside dieting to fit into a size 8 and focus on important things, their hips swell, their bellies bulge a little, they look like goddesses and are way, way happier.

            What in the name of holy fuck does global warming have to do with evolution? Go read something that isn’t a conspiracy theory or a bible before you open your mouth.

            • ohHAIthere

              Agreed and agreed. Let women be happy and eat whatever they want.

              @Warped: It's their choice. Why degrade them for making a life decision? You live your own life the way you want and let these women eat to their heart's content. I'm sure people are complaining about how your grunting in the gym isn't helping anyone or yourself get more in shape. If you don't like the way they look, go move on to a Skeletor to your liking. And if you're going to bash on global warming (which I don't agree on as well) use some logical statements. Make sense for the cause, don't ass fuck it.

              @Skylined: Skeptical that the world will end in 20 years or 2012 for that matter, but if it does….let's cheers it up for an early celebration! haha.

          • SKYLINED

            For a start let me ask who mentioned evolution?

            And as for the ‘myth’ of global warming? Are you really stupid enough to think that just because we had a bit of snow fall this winter then the polar ice caps are not melting and sea levels are not rising? Talk about having your head buried in the sand. Did you not realise that Sicily is having the hottest recorded winter at 30 degrees?

            Do your research and you will find the only reason the UK is not an iceberg currently is because of warm winds being blown north from Africa. Thanks to ignorant people like yourself sidestepping the main issues the ecosystem has been fucked up so bad those winds will be stopping very soon.

            Carry on polluting my friend and don’t relate me to the comments regarding the asteroid although that is a very real possibility. But I suppose that is another myth is it? Designed to stop the ‘normal’ people like you from having fun? Get real and do your research.

            • ladyguitarstar

              Thought i’d add that global warming isnt just ‘warming’ Extremities in weather, is global warming. So it could be said that the ‘coldest winter we’ve had’ is also a sign of *gasp* global warming!

              But whats the point really, when the worlds ending in 2012. haha

            • WTFurCouch

              Ahh, whatever. Use up all the outdated energy supply we have left. There are latent energy sources we can develop (maybe the asteroid will bring it!). I played Fallout enough to learn how to survive in a wasteland, haha.

    • confused

      Amen bro speak the truth

      • rolling eyes

        “Are you really stupid enough to think that just because we had a bit of snow fall this winter then the polar ice caps are not melting and sea levels are not rising?”

        just this winter? make that the last ten years!!!

        Oh my! the sky is falling! the sky is falling!

  • Anonymous

    and there goes breakfast. Anyone have a mint….they ate all those too huh.

    • WTFurCouch


  • Mike


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