Fat models. (7 photos)

a curvy models 6 Fat models. (7 photos)

  • kristina

    fat?! this is what women are SUPPOSED to look like! these girls have CURVES! 🙂

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  • anup

    atleast they got sme boobs……………sme ppl loose boobs on loosing weight……so they like to remain a lil chubby………………….but nt as much as them

  • Underhill

    Oh MY — makes a guy wish for global cooling!!

  • Sky

    They're fat. Don't dance around it. But that doesn not mean they are not pretty nor model worthy. They're quite lovely. =)

  • bunedoggle

    These girl are pretty hot and IRL we'd all do them. The more important point here is, the Chive has trolled us. What is this world coming to?

  • Cherry Benes

    Simply gorgeous! I love to see these women in the media. I wish I could model. I’m a curvy size 12 but I’m only 5 ft. 2 lol. Life sucks balls but I’m happy for them!

  • Simon

    You just know those chicks shag like minxes!

  • mr. m

    most of these women aren't even curvy. and i'd like a little more fat on these bodies.

  • Anonymous

    damn! if i could do even one of those women!

  • Tim

    These girls are a little big, but they're effing gorgeous, not fat

  • Aussie Girl Size 14

    Some Of These comments Are So Rude, and Are Most Deffiniatly Comming From Insecure Males. I Am a 19 Year Old Female Who is Not Exactly A Thin Girl, Im From Australia Size 14, Id rather Let My Man Take me Out To Steak Night And Order Steak Not Just Salad…

  • chi

    These women are absolutely beautiful…none of them are fat. They are way sexier then any skinny average looking models out there. Being thick and curvy does not mean you are unhealthy. Several skinny women can't work out or run for shit. All you pieces of shits that think thick women are easy score you are absolutely wrong these women can have anyone they want. Remember confidence is what is most attractive. So to all you dumb fucks that wrote rude ass comments I bet all of you are ugly shits that can't get any fucking pussy…

  • Sydney

    Frankly, anything with titties and an ass is good enough for me. And I'm a girl.

  • Ann

    I was looking through these comments and am heartened by the amount of males who responded in a positive, and healthy manner. So many women (as well as men btw) have body images issues. In looking through these photos I replied as many as you did. "Uh these women are fat?". Healthy is what this country needs to start saying. These are realistic ads and goals for women who are heavier/build bigger than a 14 yr old girl. As for "anonymous" …if you're going to have an opinion? ..whatever it may be?…don't hide when you do. Everyone has an opinion. Yours is just wrong. 😛

    A skinny woman.

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