Insane pizza creations (14 photos)

a pizzas to die for literally 0 Insane pizza creations (14 photos)

  • vitorla

    That asian Pizza Hut creation = total nom nom.

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  • willfir

    tbh photo 7 is a clear 12″ pizza burger FAIL

  • stafferty

    This is why all of America needs to spend some quality time with a Nordictrack

  • that guy

    That’s disgusting who in their right mind could eat that crap

  • Mr. Irony

    I would only find these appealing if I was baked out of my mind.

  • Ken

    Well thez just nasty!

  • mansoursalahi3241065

    I do not know what to eat

  • Yo Mama

    and we wonder why the world is getting fatter?

  • poopface

    the veggie one looks good but the rest make me sad

  • skeeter bug

    absolutely a stoners paradise

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yo dawg, I heard you like snacks so I put a snack in your snack so you can snack while you snack.

    • Dr. Evil

      I was thinking the same ‘yo dawg’ thing when i saw that pizza topped with pizzas. XD.

  • Sazuke

    here in Italy you would be sentenced to 10 years of hard labor for creating such immoral monstrosities. pizza is art, not junk!

  • SB

    I got heartburn looking at these.

  • Claire

    1. the veggie pizzas don’t look all that bad for you.
    2. I want to get super high with like 6 people and demolish that taco pizza.

  • arglebargle

    C.C.’s favorite!

  • andwings

    Number 5, the one shaped like a drink cup, looks awesome…and an actual product. Anyone know who makes it?

  • Greg

    What's the link to the original gallery for #9 & #11?

  • ThaBurg

    Pizza, now that's a taco.

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