Using science and technology to create most beautiful girl in the world

world beauty lead Using science and technology to create most beautiful girl in the world

  • Donnie

    And that's the problem with ideal beauty. The product is attractive but completely unremarkable.

  • Isabella

    The titel should not be "Most beautiful woman in the world ever" More LIKE " MOST BORING COMMON AND UNAPEALING LOOKING WOMAN IN THE WORLD EVER" come on! everyone is all trying to say this and would agree. Most beautiful woman of dark exotic with dfferent mix. BEAUTIFUL! gooo Jessica Alba!!!!!

  • Sharrod

    Gorgeous, but does anyone else find her so perfect that shes boring to look at?

  • Nailah

    Cool how the formula

  • Thomas

    Coming from a guy this creation would have to be the most bland looking in woman in the world. I am a white guy myself but i have to say white woman are not most appealing compared to beautiful ethnic brunette woman as they have supreme looks when it come to physical appearance. Most beautiful woman voted are of dark and beautiful feature . I am a white guyl myself although angelina jolie is an exception because of her full lips. We want gorgeous face and curvacious body. Yeeess beyonce, jessica alba. what else would u want unless his dumb and brain washed to want LESS!!!!


    lol!!! even michael jackson looks better than that end result. Why is she so bland and boring? i wouldnt classify her as beautiful but average. Wheres all the hispanic, asian, black girls like beyonce. Put them all together you would get a true beauty result with their lucious bodies!!! Most beautiful woman are always of some diffeent ethinc mix. WHOEVER MADE THIS IS EITHER AN AVERAGE BLONDE BECAUSE MOST BLONDES ARE TOO BLAND AND BORING LOOKING OR A WHITE SUPREMIST GUY. Come on guys geta life. At least you could have made the selection of woman more realistic and base it on woman who are truly actually voted most beautiful! Dont try and brainwsh society with this result of an average bland woman. OUR NAZI DAYS ARE OVER!!! lol!!!

  • mzcutie

    How can she be most beautiful when theres so many woman around that looks like her and has never been voted most beautiful. Her look is too bland and boring. I wouldnt say shes beautiful just average. And it really ruined it that she came out with blonde hair. Brunettes are way better looking. Yes most woman voted most beautiful in the world and win miss universe are brunettes.

  • chloe

    Well for starter beauty is a point of view! And i think the final pic isn't as pretty,some of the women used to make it (although they all have the same typical type of beauty look. Also it would be nice to see some ethnicity.

  • dan

    its cheryl cole you dumb ass's

  • Michael

    This is a white supremacist mash-up. Why weren't Lucy Liu, Eva Mendes or Naomi Campbell included?

  • Yeppe

    And what about the most beautiful man? Anyway, the result is nothing special. Looks the same as a lot of model faces – they're all empty, generic and boring. What makes a person appealing are precisely the "flaws" – the characteristics. People need to stop being so superficial.

  • Imi

    Looks like Rebecca Romijn and Jessica Biel put together.

  • @markbrockman

    I've done lots of these with Squirlz Morph. The most people was 33. But I placed nodes all over the place and had a great final image. I also did them in batches of 16 and 17, not just two at a time where 50% of one gal gets erased by the other rather than having an influence on the whole.

    My favorite I did was of before pictures of women about to get rhinoplasty:

  • Anonymous

    I dont think she iz dat pretty nd doesnt deserve such a prestigious title.c’mon even indian actreses r prettier.

  • Efram

    I dont think she iz dat pretty nd doesnt deserve such a prestigious title.c’mon even indian actreses r prettier.

  • IzzyD


  • Nicole

    I must say, the ending result is a truly gorgeous woman. I mean WOW and all those woman rolled into one? I must say though, when it comes to THIS list, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johannson, and Jessica Biel are the MOST beautiful, so I would've just put them together. But your missing Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, and Alicia Keys. I hope you didn't skip out on color on purpose!

  • Nicole

    Christina Aguilara should've been in it too.

  • communityfrance

    who cares, the resulst is beautiful


    did u look at megan fox's picture yet? it is horible!:o

  • The Truth

    Another reason why our little girls of the world do not know what beauty truly is. And by the way where are the black, asian, hispanic women. Very few…if any in here, This sucks and whoever is behind this should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Darrell

    They're all great as they are …better individually than the end result.

  • Steve

    A swing and a miss

  • faizan

    she is a very nice girls very charming so hoty and so good i like them

  • WAYS

    Holly Shit, this is my girlfriend! Whoa! Gotta go people, there's celebrating to do!!! :)))

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