Tractors doin it wrong (17 photos)

a tractors doin it wrong 8 Tractors doin it wrong (17 photos)

  • ChrisDG74

    The bottom one looks like it’s in a race of some kind. That one’s doin’ it right.

  • HellHathNoFury

    The last pic reminds me very much of the bunny pic you’ve posted jumping in the air, looking altogether way too excited.
    Or Mater’s rally racing brother.

  • Anonymous

    most are so fake

  • robin yates

    all these pics are totally genuine,,,,,,,, I worked with construction equipment for many years

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  • Motis

    #9 I know that truck driver thought Daaaaaamn IT!! I agree most all these are not fake but shows dumb people.

  • abc

    The one with the backhoe on the traincar is for real. You can youtube it. It is how they empty frozen rail cars. Most of the pics are very real.

  • Alpha0010

    #15 looks like forced perspective, actually.

  • Dzodzo

    Dear John Deere…

  • Donkey D 007

    Go home tractor your drunk

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