By far the biggest mistake I have ever witnessed.

ray ban sunglasses tattoo 0 By far the biggest mistake I have ever witnessed.

  • Joey

    Don't get all the baby-boomer vs. Gen X-Y-Z talk. Guy with the glasses tat is a dumbass. Hippies brought us nothing but horrible dinosaur rock that only they thought was good because they were high, a bankrupt government, poor quality pot, and AIDS. Now they walk around robbing the poor in corporate America but dressing like little kids on weekends to ride their Harleys. I say when things get a little tougher let's make 'em all into some Soylent Green.

    • VanIsleChiver

      man you belong at PrisonPlanet…you'll fit right in………Douchebag!

  • nelly02

    well i think fuck it, why not? he wears fucking glasses anyway. Joey, shut the fuck up ya redneck republican prick.

    • Joey

      I’m not sure where you’d get either redneck or republican from my post, though I like to think I am quite a prick. Simply pointing out that hippie stands for hypocrite, and they should remember that they left a pretty raw deal for GenXYZ, especially when no one’s around to change their Depends for them. ToDoList: Piss off a Hippie today. Check.

      • VanIsleChiver

        What a simpering whiney little bitch you are Joey …. go fuck urself and take Y and Z with ya

  • dd

    I believe this came out as a publicity stunt put on by ray ban. Not sure if it was a real tattoo or not though.

  • anonymouse

    not real. fucking stop advertising to me chive.

  • Susan

    Are you fn- serious. At least 75% of us “Adults” had vanity issues concerning wearing specs. Cause there isn’t a way to have 20/20 vision except bearth. I can afford corrective 20/20 vision but ‘There ain’t nothing like the real thing baby”. What were the examples of the Y or Z generation. Jeez, take a trip, or sew on a few buttons, it’s only temporary.

    A baby boomer and lovin it.

    • mook

      You baby boomers should die and let the next generation step into power.
      Thanks for making this world meek and pathetic.


      • Anonymous

        Thanks mook totally agreed they greedy and self centered beyond compare

    • Captain Charley

      hmm I'm kind of surprised you survived bearth, I heard it was bitch!!!!

  • Susan

    Maybe the X, Y or Z generation can spell the act of bringing a child into this world, the babyboomers didn’t have spellchecks. Sa La Vie. The only thing dif. in my body from birth is losing teeth.
    Youall gave us “Whatever”…

    • Shadow Sterks

      *C’est la vie*

  • backboobs4ever2009

    haha susan u were correcting his spelling, and then you wrote “Sa La Vie”- I think you meant “c’est la vie”

  • LOL

    I guess this makes him a douchebag for life!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I wear my suuunglasses at night…and while i’m sleeping..and in the I can so I caaan…

  • ahh

    The mistake you are referring to is the one that chick is making right? Her expression in the last pic says it all.

  • Anonymous

    Well the chick he’s with is nothing great, but she’s too hot for his goofy ass.

  • Darn Sillius

    Mommy and Daddy obviuosly didn’t pay enough attention to this douche.

  • lucy Fur


  • LOL

    If you’re going to do it, go all the way ya knothead. Have lenses put on piercings and die your hair black all the way to the ear. Amateur. 😛

  • DaMan

    What a prick

  • niceguyted

    I’d like to bang his girlfriend/sister/whatever, though. Can you get me her #, Chive? I figure the “drop the zero, get with the hero” line should probably work right off the bat.

  • dave

    I love and have tattoos and that is stupid. How did he not see that it's warped looking over his eyebrows? If you're going to do that, why didn't he go all the way and continue it over his ears? Good ink is cool, stupid/poorly done ink is not.

  • amefepive

    так, напэўна так і ёсць

  • joeman52

    you are all wrong – he did this because he is such a dweeb / pussy he think with glasses no one will hit him, Let's all prove him wrong if you see him.

  • Drew

    I'm a little hurt that everyone's reacting so negatively, I have an appointment next week to do the same thing only with the mask of the Green Lantern.

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