Daily morning randomness (26 photos)

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Emophant is emo.
    Aw, baby Link!
    God damn that cat *shakes fist*
    Bwahaha your girl can’t swallow!
    That Mario cake is not made of cake, it’s made of awesome.
    yo dawg, I heard you like to shooting, so i put a camera on your gun so you can shoot while you shoot.

    • yeahsure

      You should post more often :/

      • HellHathNoFury

        That would just be terrible.

    • huh?


  • Brandon

    That bodybuilder girl has a cute face. Too bad she has the body of a man. The baby Link one is pure awesomeness.

    • Anon

      Don’t forget the oversized giblet!!

    • CB919

      Yeah, real shame about her.

  • KISSfan

    #5 KISS army 😀

  • RiderFan

    Wow, number 7 is very nice!

  • T!

    the guy with the wooden thinks is inspired by lady gaga.

  • LOL

    The shit eating grins on the faces of the women around the runner…lol….yep…”I had a good day at work dear, how was yours?” 😀

  • Dean Bennett

    The KISS photo is from the Download Festival, held in the UK, from 2008. KISS performed and we all painted our faces to try and set a world record. Can’t remember whether we did or not

  • at work

    The first pic is hilarious. And the girl bending over has a nice ass

    • Warped

      1st pic is a great photo bomb

  • Absolute

    Hmm, looks like Tiger’s at it again, in the first pic

  • Ken

    Little alien plant- seed pod dude is KEWL!

    WHAT is going on at the track and field event. Are we going to back to the Greek Olympics now?

    Elephant photo has me seriously depressed. Seriously.

  • boneman

    sometimes these confuse me…
    #7 seems to be thinking of any way at all to avoid any yard work…
    and, as for the summer mowing? It hit him like #6, a ton of bricks. (If the guy in #18 had helped load those bricks, he would probably be able to actually reach down and grab his CD)
    #17 looks normal…he was excited about the race…he forgot his pants.
    But…trust me on this…if you ever get into the sack with a gal like #15….you’re going to forever learn just how exciting keegles are.
    Oh mama!
    But the biggest confusion seems to come from #22.
    Is the mouse coming or going?
    I mean, did the cat just finish flipping it up into the air with his right paw and is about to eat it?
    Or, had the cat already poked it into his mouth, the mouse bit his tongue and he’s spitting the mouse out? Or…maybe the mouse was doing high jumps in the back yard thinking nobody saw him, the cat DID see him and snuck up to where he was going to land?
    Or….maybe this is Speedy Gonzales (from warner bros fame) before he realized his powers. Doesn’t have on a sombrero, but has just run right through the cat’s mouth…?
    I dunno…just so confused.

  • boneman

    perhaps the ultimate in coughing up furballs?

  • sam

    Lol Kissmyanthia! XD

  • ladyguitarstar

    Is precious joining the cast of twilight?
    what the hell is that thing above the african kid with wood shades on?
    Is the gay toilet happy, or is it gay gay?
    guess who knows what her wedding cakes gonna look like!

    You can totally see through those black pants.

  • Jake

    HA! I have that same “I ❤ Hentai" t-shirt,

  • SG34


  • Drmzindec

    Hahaha! The Half Life look alike is my friend, i use to work with him! he is such a Douchebag!

    • hal0

      you have a douchebag friend ? sucks to be you….

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