Don’t worry, this only gets more confusing (5 Photos)

more confusing lead Dont worry, this only gets more confusing (5 Photos)

Anybody know what the hell happened here?

I was emailed these photos this morning from Aadyn Thomas in Sydney, Australia, if that helps. My guess is a parking garage but would love some details.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’d say it’s the back of a building, on which the middle level is ground level out front and contains a parking garage. The lower story is built into the hill and not visible from the front. Some dipstick *probably a woman, noting the accident and the kind of car* drove through the garage and came to rest on the level that is the ‘basement’ so to speak.

    • cavemanlawyer

      That is a reasonable, well-thought out and well-articulated response.

      Now go make me a sammich!

      • HellHathNoFury

        *pregnant, barefoot, wearing apron*
        Turkey on rye with pepper-jack or roast beef on grain with sharp cheddar?

        • cavemanlawyer

          Roast beef sounds good, and don’t skimp on the horseradish!

          **firm ass-slap on your way out**

          • HellHathNoFury

            Oh, hon, I don’t skimp on anything…especially the antifreeze and cyanide powder. I meant lime jello.

            • Megarath

              … or the “special mayonnaise.”

  • at work

    its a parking lot on the 2nd floor?

  • bdk

    I’m guessing that the car was on the other side of that wall and then drove through the wall. But that’s all speculation.

    • bdk

      And then those people looked out the window to see what was going on. Two of them appear to be giants.

      • bdk

        But I have no proof of any of this.

  • snake

    Woman drivers.

  • Parry

    this makes perfect sense to me

  • Joe

    Creepy zombie mittened hands trying to pull runaway car back to the highwat to hell…. on 3rd photo.

  • top dog

    Look like France, and the driver drove through the wall of a parking garage. They were probably full of ess-kar-gots, in the words of Mr Furley.

  • Insert Name Here

    nah its photoshopped

  • aaron

    Zidane’s wife thought that he might have been cheating with such clues as from the French National Enquirer. In a fit of rage late at night she ran angrily from their penthouse and threw the world cup trophy through his panzy as car’s rear window, resulting in a shock and look back on zidane’s part his car proceded through a brick wall. But give it two days we will watch his life crumble in front of us if we are lucky.

  • jeff in Australia

    According to our local news… same old story, thought the car was in reverse when driver pushed the accelerator, went through the wall of the multilevel car park, in Sydney, New South Wales SHE was “very embarrassed”…
    Thought HHNF’s response was a little weak this time.. where is the fury..? Or is that just reserved for scorn..?

    • HellHathNoFury

      No fury. Says so right….there.

  • Anon

    Stupid Asian drivers!!

    • jeff in Australia

      Not bad… You only missed by about 8000 miles.. but top marks for trying..!

      • Anon

        Not bad yourself Jeffery… You only missed by about 6000 miles… But top marks for being a douch…!

        • jeff in Australia

          Congratulations. You are obviously not like most Americans, apart from throwing insults, you all seem “good” at that. I was simply trying to point out that Australia is not part of Asia, with a touch of humor. Americans are known around the rest of the world for having no sense of the world around them, you who seem to have one, must have noticed it, good on you…
          We spell douche with an e at the end…

          • Anon

            Thank you for the congratulations, much appreciated. However i hate to break it to you but i am not an American and i find your assumption rather racist, or though i am one to talk, as i was simply trying to point out that it would have been more then likely an asian driver, going on their track record of poor driving skills. Also it might be an idea if you took the time to learn some geography before handing out lessons. As for the “e” in douche, i did notice that after i hit the send button and thought to myself, i bet this half smart prick points that out, way to prove me right Jeff!!

            • HellHathNoFury

              American is not a race.

  • DiggeR

    Ahh aussies make thechive. Excellent.

  • Australian Guy

    I live in australia and i know the story. Rather simple really. Carpark is inside the building, she hit the accelerator instead of the breaks and ended up through the wall.

  • person

    lol. thats not something you see on a daily basis!!

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