Makeup, it matters (16 Photos)

makeup ouch lead Makeup, it matters (16 Photos)

  • loomragwoodtwin

    For most of these the pic on the left looks better

    • mike

      the osbour girl looks like a welfare mom. Good thing her parents saved some money from black sabath. For the most part these peoples whole life is a fantasay just like their faces that there teams spend so much time creating. I guess you can count the sound guys at the studio. Heck those guys can make shaq sound like britany speers.

    • peggz

      I was thinking the same thing

  • at work

    Marilyn Manson looks like Nicholas Cage without the makeup.

    • DrRockso

      I know, I was just about to come down and comment on that. Crazy

      • J-diggity

        Ha! I thought the same thing!
        …and likewise, you beat me to it.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Finkle is Einhorn! Putin is Bond! Everything I knew is a liiieee

      • P-90

        He Found Captain Winky!!!!

        • StudleyPendejos

          I immediately thought the same thing about Nicolas Cage!

          • StudleyPendejos

            Most of the NON makeup pics are probably taken after a bad hangover…

    • Mojo

      @ at work
      i just wanted to say the same thing ._.

    • Trilliongrams

      The girls are all still very beautiful.


    • Bleh

      @ At work, i was thinking the samething xD

  • D

    Some of the them almost look better without. Time to fire the high-paid Hollywood make-up artist, I guess…………..

  • D'oh

    I second the people who say that most of those people look better without than with. Miley Cyrus (yes she makes… noise, but she ain’t ugly, nor overly trampy) looks better, Tina Fey looks a LOT better (prettier eyes, and I like the smaller looking lips), Beyoncé looks better and so do pic 1 (she’s just tired), 3 and most definitely 11.

    • D'oh

      And I just forgot: where are Tina Fey’s glasses?! She looks a bazillion times better with, though she’s still very pretty. Glasses are just…ah well.

  • Pete

    i smell an argument brewing. some look better and some don’t (jess simpson i’m looking at you)

  • Jessy

    The only people that look ugly without make-up are the ones that still look ugly even when they have it on.

  • Susan

    Most of them were still beautiful before the make up.

  • donuteyes

    who the fuck are most of these bitches?

  • Phil

    ashely greene is so fucking hot. she looked amazing in both her pics. for the rest, well yes the makeup helped but they used terrible non makeup shots.

  • somethings

    I have noticed that whenever there are pictures of stars that show with/without makeup, they always pick non-makeup shots where they are making funny faces just to intensify the effect.

  • aaron

    jessica simpson looks better without yoot

  • Ken

    Not a big fan of make-up. Make up makes women look made-up. That can be fine, I guess, but they look fine without it and it is just a huge industry to make women think that the way they look without it is not good enough.

  • lumpy

    some better, some much worse

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m so glad there’s no pic of me up there with no makeup. It would be banned from the internets, and your eyes would catch fire.

  • comment

    this list sucks.

  • Maddie

    OMG. They all look great with or with out make-up! except for Kelly Osbourne..shes looks ugly either way. a paper bag would suite her well.

  • Eirik

    #13: Princess Mette Marit = Jessica Simpson

  • Sawyer Ford

    So which side is the makeup side and which side is no-makeup? most of the makeup ones looks as ugly or uglier than the non-makeup if you ask me.

  • jamen

    they dont look that bad, i hate the stigma that if you dont have botox, fake tits and a size zero waist then youre a disgusting fatass. the people that fall into that category are fake plastic people. like cher….good god, that womans pushing 70, good lucking getting a smile out of her….but with these celebrities, its giving our children complexes. seriously, does a 17 year old need a face lift and botox?

  • mr muzzy

    whats the name of that first girl ? i cant seem to recall her namee…

    • kales

      kristen stewart.

  • bobbysbits

    who is the chick with the lolli pop in her mouth be she has make up on?

    • kales

      Vanessa Hudgens

  • Lamp?

    I Love Lamp

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  • BillyBlaze

    Kristen Stewart looks way better without makeup

  • josh

    jennifer love hewitt looks way better without… her freckles are hot!

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