Makeup, it matters (16 Photos)

makeup ouch lead Makeup, it matters (16 Photos)

  • kris

    i think all they all look better without make up….

  • Julie

    You have created a nice site with a lot of good information. I am so glad that I found your site through google.

  • Chip

    nice post, thanks for the great info, cant wait to read more from you.

  • Guest

    There are a lot of pictures on here that are supposed to be 'without' that they actually do have makeup on…Alyssa for example. they just did a 'natural' look…they're all beautiful women, but everyone has 'bad' days or is caught making a face that looks horrible. How about we applaud women who look beautiful naturally instead of mocking them by finding the worst picture possible?

  • Anonymous

    Would still tap Kristin and Jennifer Love. Never liked the others anyway.

  • Crazy_Jake

    Had a cashier that worked for me .. She showed up late to work with NO MAKE ON.. This WAS the prettiest Cashier in the place… UNTIL THEN.. I told her to take her time and go finish getting ready.. GOD WAS I SHOCKED ON JUST HOW BLANK HER FACE WAS. Hmmm Wonder if she was shaved.

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